Now You See Me 3 movie trailer 2019

According to the recent rumors that were finally confirmed by the distribution company in 2019, we are getting the third part of the well-known in the whole world franchise about the magicians alongside Now You See Me 3 movie trailer 2019. All the previous movies gained a huge popularity in different countries and received the positive feedbacks from both viewers and film critics. This is, in fact, brand new Lionsgate movie project that already hired the screenwriters for creating another story about the magicians.

Moreover, the future project is supposed to reunite the old cast and bring Jon M. Chu as the director of the third sequel. The new one will represent brand new story about a well-known group of people heading off to absolutely unpredictable places and spots all around the world.

Even though the cast of the movie that will be represented in Now You See Me 3 teaser trailer should stay the same, there are some facts about Isla Fisher not returning to portray her female lead character that was shown in the very first installment movie.

Now You See Me 3 movie

Plot – predictions

According to the rumors, the filmmakers made a decision to make up the brand new story of “The Eye” – secret group of magicians that secretly worked for FBI in the past. The producers say there may be much more breathtaking stories to tell about the secret group. In fact, one of the members of the secret society is a former agent of FBI which completely changes the game.

The group is going to take a part in very dangerous operations with his new member played by Benedict Cumberbatch – British actor who is known for starring as Sherlock Holmes in the series about a famous detective that started airing in 2010.

Interesting facts

Among getting the opportunity to watch brand new Now You See Me 3 official trailer 2019 in the near future, there is a bunch of interesting facts about the franchise:

  • The official announcement about creating the third installment was made before the final release of the second sequel in 2017.
  • The actor Jesse Eisenberg is actually really close to such performances represented in the movie as his mother used to work as a clown.
  • The YouTube is full of this fact, but whilst filming the scene with a swimming tank in the first installment, Fisher almost drowned.
  • Michael Caine was accidentally locked in his own room for dressing on the set as he had previously fallen asleep there after he had finished his part of filming.
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