Transformers 7 movie trailer 2021

Well, it looked like we would never see the popular and fascinating franchise about the strong and fast machines again but luckily enough we were wrong. There are at least three new developments that are currently in production. The only question is, what their dates of release are and whether there is finally official Transformers 7 movie trailer 2021. Let’s start from the very beginning of the very exciting news.

Future projects

“The Last Knight” was successfully released in summer 2017 and, as always, received positive feedbacks from people. It should have become the last installment in the franchise but, fortunately, the filmmakers have changed their mind.

There are three more installments coming out in a few next years in a row alongside multiple spin-offs to the main movie. One of them separately focuses on the personal story of Bumblebee, his past life, feelings and similar.

Transformers 7 poster

The sixth installment of the franchise

What do we know about the brand new project?

  • It is officially scheduled to be released at the end of June 2019.
  • Apparently, the director of “The Last Knight” is not returning as a director.
  • We are still not aware of the plot details but according to the predictions it is supposed to be focused on the story of the Wahlberg’s character.
  • The script to the sixth installment was successfully written by Christina Hodson.

The seventh installment – another planned project

  • We are not aware of when we will be able to see official Transformers 7 teaser trailer, but we know that it is already scheduled to be released and hopefully the date will not be changed. It is summer 2021.
  • There is no particularly confirmed information except those it already in production. The filmmakers hired a few screenwriters at the same time but the potential plot is still kept under the secret.

The eighth installment – the third project promising the franchise a huge success in the future

  • Just like new Transformers 7 official trailer 2021, we are not aware of when it is supposed to finally appear on the Internet. However, the eighth installment promises to have even more action than before which will be definitely represented in the trailer. Interesting, but there are plenty of fan-made trailers catching the attention of viewers.
  • According to the details from Paramount Pictures, the movie is scheduled to be released in big theaters and on American cinemas screens for Summer 2023.
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