When does come out Avatar 3 movie 2020

According to the latest official information which was previously provided by director James Cameron, for the second half of 2015, the shooting of the continuation of “Avatar” is planned – a fantastic action movie, the first part of which appeared on the screens eight years ago. The director plans to shoot the three immediately announced films. According to the composer James Horner – a friend and companion of Cameron – the director already has a written script for the fifth film.

James Horner told Hey U Guys what the fans of the film series should expect:

“James has four scripts to four sequels. He tries to make three of them. I think that he right now reduces the scenario of the fifth film, thinking about how to fit the events into the planned trilogy”

Avatar 3 movie 2019

When is Avatar 3 2020 coming to theaters?

The movie will appear on screens only in 2020.


Director J. Cameron will spend about $ 1 billion to produce three science fiction films about “Avatar”  Three movies, filming of which will begin simultaneously this year, are part of the so-called megablockbuster. In addition to the films, the funds will be used to create various products: books, theme parks, and stylized Cirque du Soleil performances, which will be shown in 350 cities around the world.

It is reported that the implementation of the project will continue even if the 59-year-old Cameron decides to take a break. In this case, the output of films on wide screens will take place every Christmas in the period from 2018 to 2022.

Actors S. Worthington and Zoe Saldana have already signed a contract to participate in three future films. The cast was also joined earlier by Stephen Lang, who played in the first part of the franchise a villain-colonel.

The first “Avatar” was released in 2009 and with a budget of $ 237 million collected at the global box office more than $ 2.7 billion. The film was awarded three “Oscars” and two “Golden Globes” which made the film the absolute leader of the world box office. It broke previous records – the films Titanic and Lord of the Rings, which collected in the world film distribution 1.8 and 1.1 billion dollars respectively.


The movie Avatar 3 trailer is not available. It is early to speak about the trailer. It will come closer to the release of the movie.


It should be noted that the “Avatar” – an American fiction movie, filmed in 2009. The film takes place in the future, in 2154 AD on the fantasy planet Pandora in the star system of Alpha Centauri. Work on the Avatar began back in 1994, but due to the weak production technology, the movies had to be delayed with its filming. The plot of the first part of the Avatar takes place on Pandora, where a commercial corporation develops deposits of valuable Unobtanium mineral which possesses magnetic fields and allows the Pandora Mountains to soar in the air. Relations between people and Aboriginal people are tense. Therefore, the “Avatar” program was created, during which a man managing an artificial Navi tries to gain the trust of the people of the planet…

The third part will tell us about the event after a crushing victory over another invasion, the Navi civilization decides that the time has come to expand its own influence, and at the same time, knowledge about the world. Therefore, the universe of the wonderful world grows to an incredible cosmic scale. The main characters are in search of suitable for migration and habitat new planets. They decided that the endless confrontations with the militant earthlings would eventually end badly for both races. Therefore, at stake is the search for a new home that the Navi will be able to call their full-fledged home, and which their enemies will not even guess about.


  • S. Worthington as Jake Sully
  • Z. Saldana as Neytiri
  • S. Lang as Miles Quaritch

Release Date

Avatar 3 2020 movie release date is programmed for December 2020, in the USA.

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