When does come out The Expendables 4 movie 2018

It is difficult to imagine a bigger action film than the “Expendables”. In one film all the heroes of the classic action movies of the 80s and 90s are gathered. Here is Stallone, who is also the author of the idea, and Schwarzenegger, and Lungren, and Van Damme, and many other actors who for many have become childhood idols. Sly decided on this project to respect all those who inspired the boys to participate in sports, taught them to protect the weak, and once again argued that good always defeat the evil. Therefore, when the authors of the project announced that they are preparing to launch “The Expendables 4”, the fans of the franchise and the entire cast have certainly been delighted and stand erect with expectation.

By the way, that the team is preparing to create the fourth film, it was officially announced back in 2014. At that time, “The Expendables 3” did not even receive the status of post-production. Well, after the trilogy collected more than a half billion dollars in the global box office with a total budget of about 300 million, the project became commercially successful and simply beneficial for the continuation.

The Expendables 4 movie 2018

When is The Expendables 4 2018 coming to theaters?

The movie will come on screen only in 2018.

Interesting facts about the fourth part

  • In an interview with an authoritative publication, Stallone admitted that there is an idea to transfer the characters and all the events to the unusual conditions. Radical changes are planned, down to fantastic moments.
  • The new part of the film, most likely, will be assigned an adult R rating. In the opinion of the team working on the trilogy, the attempt to expand the audience and the rating of 13+ led to the failure at the box office.
  • A lot of rumors went around the cast. So, according to information from fans and the media, J. Chan, N. Cage and C. Eastwood should join the new part. It is also likely that the top stars of arm-wrestling will appear on the screen: H. Hogan, D. “Rock” Johnson and S. Austin. And there is still the possibility that B. Willis will return to the project.
  • Stallone dreams of filming in his project J. Nicholson.
  • Despite the failure of the previous picture, “The Expendables 4” is considered one of the most anticipated future premieres.
  • According to rumors, the location for the film could be Bulgaria. But according to other sources, the team of actors was sent to China.
  • “The Expendables 4” has already become one of Hollywood’s most expensive projects. The budget of the film was almost 600 million dollars which is twice the budget of all three parts together.

The Expendables 4


The official movie The Expendables 4 trailer is not available.


The plot of “The Expendables 4” is not disclosed. Nevertheless, new rumors constantly arise around this movie. So, in the middle of summer of 2016, after the premiere of the female version of “Ghostbusters”, information appeared that the “Expendables” would be feminized. The martial arts master Randy Couture, who worked on all three parts of the film, hinted about gender changes in the franchise. But soon Sylvester Stallone refuted this information.

According to another version, the fourth part will be very rich and will again bring Stallone with his main opponent, whose role is played by the legendary Al Pacino. These rumors are state that “Expendables 4” will be especially bloody and on the way to peace, Stallone will plant the whole city with the corpses of enemies.


  • S. Stallone as Barney Ross
  • A. Schwarzenegger as Trench
  • J. Statham as Lee Christmas

Release Date

The Expendables 4 2018 movie release date is scheduled for 2018, in the USA. The exact month and day are not known.

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