White Boy Rick movie trailer 2018

It is the true story of a teenager Richard Vershe, a descendant of a simple, poor family in Detroit, who in the 1980s became a major figure in the local drug business. In the topic below, you will find White Boy Rick movie trailer 2018 and much more.


The director of the biographical drama is Yann Demange. The French director in 2014 released his own military drama film– “71,” which received the Berlin Festival award – Prize of the Ecumenical Jury.

Also, he filmed serials, including “Dead Set,” “Secret Diary of a call girl,” and “Criminal Justice.” The latter one is the very prototype of “The Night Of.”

Five people are engaged in writing the script of the upcoming biopic: Steve Kloves, Logan Miller, Noah Miller, Scott Silver and Andy Weiss.

Steve Kloves gave the world a screen version of children’s books that tell of the hard life of a young wizard in the world of magicians – the franchise “Harry Potter,” as well as the “New Spider-Man,” although he was nominated for the Oscar for “Wonder Boys”. In a short time he, if everything goes well, will be screening the manga “Akira,” in the director’s chair is Haume Collet-Serra.

Matthew McConaughey in White Boy Rick

Brothers Miller are known for a strong drama “Touching Home” and a western “Sweet Vengeance,” where, incidentally, in both films, Ed Harris was involved in the lead role.

Scott Silver is the same person who produced “8 Mile” and “Fighter.” And if “Fighter” that brought the well-deserved “Oscar” to Christian Bale was a 100% biographical film, then “8 Mile” practically drew inspiration from the life of rapper Eminem.

About Andy Weiss, we can say that he is known as the author of the popular TV show in the genre of real TV – “Punk’d.” In “Punk’d,” Ashton Kutcher pranks the stars. And he does it mercilessly. Check it out on the occasion – just for fun. If only for fun!


The actor who agreed to play Richard Vershe, Jr., is a certain Richie Merritt. This will be the debut of a white guy named Richie in the movie.

According to White Boy Rick teaser trailer, Matthew McConaughey will play Richard Vershe, Sr. – the father-traveling salesman.

Release date

The movie will come out on January 26, 2018, in the United States.

A new White Boy Rick official trailer 2018 looks promising, we hope that the movie will be the same.

Thank you for being with us!

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