When does come out Kidnap movie 2017


Who says thriller films are the films without women? Especially when it comes to the main character. It is not a surprise that Hollywood movie famous actresses take part in such kind of films more often and get the main role. Even if such movies require special long training that depends on what the character actress is going to play usually do and what her mission is. One of such projects is a new upcoming film with famous actors, so when does Kidnap come out?

The release dates had been constantly changing before the actual premiere day in different countries was finally scheduled. The first date when the film was supposed to be shown in American theaters was on 9th of October, 2015. The film is distributed by Relativity Media which canceled the previous date and changed it to the end of February in 2016 year because of particular financial problems. But even this date wasn’t successful for the film – it was re-scheduled again to the beginning of the May the same year. After that, even this planned premiere was canceled again and the project was supposed to be on the world’s screens on the 2nd of December.

Kidnap movie 2017

The movie Kidnap trailer was successfully represented on YouTube in August in 2016 so the audience could see the main female protagonist and her kid being kidnapped. The final release day, that is still not certain, is the 10th of March in 2017. This is the date for the premiere day being scheduled for American big cinemas and theaters. The following country is Netherlands with the release date planned on March 16th in the same year. The other dates for upcoming thriller film are still unknown but will be released soon by the Relativity.

Film production, budget, story line

The upcoming film is directed by Luis Prieto – Spanish film director and also a screenwriter. He was originally born in Madrid but moved to the United States of America and started studying films and arts in the famous Institute in California. He successfully graduated in 1994 and started his personal career. He used to live in different cities in California, including San Francisco and LA. Luis successfully worked with different movies and even documentary films after what he was spotted working in Barcelona.

Kidnap movie

Kidnap 2017 movie release date was already scheduled and all the trailers have been presented and uploaded so they can be easily found on the Internet. Spanish director’s genres are the opposite from the one he chose this time – he usually directs comedies and romantic films but this time he was ready to create and work with something new for him. The approximate budget of the film is more than twenty million dollars and this amount of money was enough to make a good thriller. The actual photography of the film started on 27th of October in 2014. The location that was chosen was New Orleans and other places in Louisiana which are the popular places for filming this kind of movies – at the beginning of December in the same year the team finally finished shooting.

This is the story about perfect mother called Karla (including Halle Berry in the cast) who lives alone with his son Frankie. They are happy together and one day go to the local park. Suddenly Karla notices that she can’t see the boy anywhere so she starts asking people if someone of them has seen him. While doing that she sees the blue car and someone trying to kidnap her son. Karla follows the car, loses her phone whilst running, but didn’t succeed.

Kidnap 2017

In order to save the son the female protagonist decides to go on a mission and demand all the local people and the police to help her save the life of Frankie and find the kidnapper. When is Kidnap coming to theaters the audience will see the real conflict between a mother who loves her son and a kidnapper who takes away small kids. The catchphrase or slogans of the film are:

  • Revenge is the main Mother
  • I just want to tell you something very important: as long as my son is with you in your car I’m not planning to stop, so wherever you are in the world – I will be following you till I catch you.
  • You made a mistake by taking this kid.

The development of this thriller film was scheduled for 2009 year and successfully and productively began in June. It was followed by particular production plans that were being released in 2014 including cinematography, music, Relativity Media support and other influential companies.

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