When does come out Road to Hell movie 2017

The movie “Road to Hell” is covered with mysteries and riddles. All that we know about it is genre and cast. The movie was filmed in the genre – Drama. The full information on cast and crew and also on the question: “When does Road to Hell come out?” you will know in the topic below. I hope you will enjoy. Here we go!

Why Drama?

Immersion in the drama is the usual condition for all of us. We live, as in the serials, where every thought, every movement like a little fun at the same time a justification in the eyes of all the people from our past, present and future. Something within us wants the show to play, play again and again itself and it life drama. Such is the “love of art”. The dramatic film itself we call our real life.

Road to Hell movie 2017

If you pay attention to the material world there is silence. The world which is not about the money and things – these “matters” are links of drama. It’s about the simple life, where objects are hanging quietly in space, waiting in the wings, until they will affect by our attention.

We live in these two realities. The first is familiar to all of us – it is chaotic light and noise show of thoughts and feelings. The second is the reality of awareness and inevitable facts.

Drama filled with emotions, anticipation. Everything is ambiguous and fleeting in it.

Being in the drama we are nowhere but only in its storylines, and continue to do everything to be proud of your life scenario … In this sense, the self-affirmation is opposite to awareness. Self-affirmation strengthens the drama, it unequivocally takes of awareness, literally awakens from her dreams.

We believe that starting a spiritual path and all kinds of soul-searching is to develop awareness and calm the mind when in reality all what we really need is strengthening the drama, do not let it become a tragedy and grow to big-budget blockbuster with a happy ending.

Most seekers take fast to awareness and enlightenment because they want to get better; they want the respect and love. Not many people can get deeper than these motives.

Road to Hell movie

When is Road to Hell coming to theaters?

The movie comes to theaters in the first part of February, 2017.


Filmmaker Henry Luk is known for movies: The Dark Forest, Fist of the Dragon, Pound of Flesh.

Tai Ping Wong is a cinematographer.

Qui Chanz Hu is a film editor.


The official movie Road to Hell trailer is not available yet.

Idea of the movie

Primarily the movie will show the private life of the main character. Its main task is to represent the person in dramatic relationship with society. The plot tends to recreate sharp contradictions but at the same time, it is not so tense and intractable conflicts that admit the possibility of a happy ending. The characters are not so exclusive. The hero is in conflict with society and himself.

Road to Hell


Dawna Lee Heising as Nadia

Dawna Lee Heising is a working actress. Dawna has played in a lot of movies.

Aki Aleong as Abe

Aki Aleong is a famous man. He is an actor, producer, singer, writer.

Aki also has experience as a record executive producer/artist.

Robert Gatewood as Ivan the Agency Enforcer

There is no a lot of information on Robert Gatewood. But all we know that he is an actor and he is known for Captain Hook (1991).

Mike Leeder as General

  1. Leeder was born in the United Kingdom. He is a fan of Asian movies. In 1990, he moved to Hong Kong and based there. He worked as an editor in one of Hong Kong’s magazines. He also wrote scripts for Jackie Chan’s movies.

Vicky Luk as Anna

There is no information on Vicky Luk. The only information is known that she is an aspiring actress. We will first see her in her first movie as an actress “Road to Hell”.

Road to Hell 2017 movie release date is programmed on 1st of February, 2017.

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