When does come out Silence movie 2017


Very soon will be a new drama directed by Martin Scorsese’s “Silence”, fans of the legendary film director ask the question: « When does come out the movie «Silence» ?», «what will be the plot of the movie? «Answers to these and other questions can be found in this article.


Trailer of the movie «Silence» appeared on the Internet more 22 November 2016, the trailer exerted a strong impression on the audience.

Silence movie 2017

The film is based on the eponymous novel by Japanese writer Shusaku Endo, who spent most of his life spent exploring the problem of Christianity in Japan.

The film will take the audience to a distant 17th century, when Europe was actively spread the Christian doctrine worldwide. One of the priests mysteriously disappears during a trip to Japan. Then his two disciples with the permission of the church went  to search for him in the land of the rising sun. During the journey the protagonists spread Christian doctrine, their activity becomes very successful, but then they were waiting for the danger and a trap from the ruler of Japan, which made a strict ban on Catholicism in the country. The film will keep the audience in suspense until the very end. Brilliant acting, skills director, high talent of the crew – all of this together will give a huge result.

Release date and forecasts

The release date of the movie «Silence» assigned to January 2017 year. Movie forecasts are very encouraging, analysts believe that the film will have a great popularity and high fees. Rating expectation at the moment is about 99 percent in favor of those who want to go to film premieres. After all, in fact, there are so many people who love creative genius of Martin Scorsese. The film will be really had deep meaning and morality. The exact answer to the question: « when is Silence 2017 coming to theaters?» is already known. The movie premiere will take place on January 26, 2017.


Cast of the film includes a huge number of very talented actors.

  • Andrew Garfield starred of the priest Sebastien Rodriguez, who, along with his friend went on the search for a mentor. Andrew Garfield is very talented and recently proved it in the military drama directed by Mel Gibson « Hacksaw Ridge ».Also, an actor known for his role as Peter Parker in the movies of Spider-Man, as well as the film of David Fincher’s «The Social Network»;

Silence 2017

  • Adam Driver plays the role of the priest Francisco Garrpe which together Garfield’s hero went to search of his mentor in Japan. Adam Driver has gained great popularity due to the series «Girls» and for his role in Kailo Rene in «Star Wars»;
  • Legendary Liam Neeson plays the role of the missing priest Christovão Ferreiro, who was a prisoner of the Japanese emperor. Liam Neeson for his years managed to star in numerous films, the actor knows virtually every lover of good cinema;

As mentioned above, the film director Martin Scorsese speaks, which is also very well-known and respected in the world film industry. Martin Scorsese directed films such as: «The Departed», «Goodfellas», «Taxi Driver», «Shutter Island» and others. Every fan of his work is to see this movie in the cinema.

The film «Silence» with Andrew Garfield and Adam Driver starring will be a great success, all the audience will love this film, showing the difficult path of priests in the country with a completely different life and customs.

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