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When does come out Splinter Cell movie 2017

2017 will have a lot of new products from the entertainment world, and remakes also will be coming up. Sometimes the popular film is used to create the game, and sometimes vice versa. Splinter Cell in the current year will be released as a movie. In the center of the film’s plot is a professional spy and agent who has to penetrate into the secretive terrorist base. When does Splinter Cell come out and all interesting information is below in our article.

All known series of computer games still does not lose relevance. Due to the success of a series of computer games, in which the player is required to move quietly, hiding, secretly and silently kill enemies, and avoid detection, to carry out the mission, several books and games based in its composition are represented. This collection is added by the film with Tom Hardy, as a hero of Sam Fisher.

You can see in movie Splinter Cell trailer, it is thriller, drama, crime, adventure all “in one bottle.” The protagonist uses various high-tech spy equipment and firearms, to eliminate opponents. Its main and most powerful weapon is stealth. For example, there are the electrifying charges, which have properties deafening.

The Splinter Cell movie 2017


Planning the film was confirmed with the advertising roller long ago. The rights to the film were received to American movie company (to one of the largest companies «Famous Players Film Company»). Initially, the role of the director has been declared to Peter Berg, and the writers have to be J.T. Petty and John J. McLaughlin.

In summer 2005 Peter Berg preferred to concentrate on the action movie “The Kingdom”. J.T. Petty also withdrew from the project. So the film rights have moved from Paramount Pictures to DreamWorks SKG, the initiator of this change was the film’s producer and manager of writer Tom Clancy – Michael Ovitts.

In autumn 2012 the first rumors appeared that Tom Hardy in film Cast, and they soon were confirmed. At the same time it was announced that Eric Singer will be engaged in the script. This means artist with a broad range of skills with very talented contemporary writer are in this great team. That guarantee success of thrilling story. Today we know that Sheldon Turner is the second writer. Director of the movie shooting is Doug Liman.


Filming took place rather quietly, like in a spy atmosphere of the plot. No one reported the date of commencement of filming, the main actor did not tell about this information too. From video filming locations there were not photos. But this situation is only fueling intrigue.

Not only computer game fans can’t wait to see this movie in my local theater. And don’t you want to know when is Splinter Cell 2017 coming to theaters? The date of release was announced January 1st, 2017. The source is legit and the information is true, keep in mind that there are complexities and peculiarities of the post production for the film adaptation.  That’s why right now this film does not currently have an official release date.

We hope all traditions of the franchise will be preserved, thus fans of the game will satisfied on Splinter Cell 2017 movie release date. And the rest of the audience, who did not pass the game, will open the spy world for themselves. Demand for the game is expected to grow over the years.


  • Clancy initially rejected the concept of three-eyed glasses of Sam Fisher, arguing that it is impossible to combine the instrument thermal vision and night vision. But the developers felt that the use of two different glasses will complicate the game and Clancy had to agree. Now the three-eyed sunglasses have become a famous symbol.
  • This video game series has sold much more than 20 million copies since its debut in 2002.
  • The seventh series game will be released in spring.
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