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Biographical films are very interesting to watch not only because they represent the story of one person but also describe the story line of the other characters and some parts of their lives. Besides the admirable and breathtaking plot, it is also important to know how to make such project and find the actors who can play the particular person by knowing the behaving and habits. The new upcoming film made by famous American actor, who has unordinary way of filming and also acting, is a new story based on non-fiction story “The Disaster Artist”. The author tells about his personal life and achievements. When does The Masterpiece come out?

The precise date of the day when the film is coming to theaters is still unknown. All people have been told recently that the premiere is planning to be at the end of 2017. Besides American premiere, the next location where the film is going to be shown is the Philippines with the premiere date on the 6th of December the same year. The actual photography started at the very beginning of December 2015. Earlier it was announced what actors are going to take a part in the biographical story.

the masterpiece 2017

Story line and some facts about the starring

Even if the film is not on the screens yet and movie The Masterpiece trailer hasn’t been released, there are plenty of paparazzi pictures on the Internet with James Franco and his young brother Dave wearing unrecognizable makeup and clothes. The author of the novel on which the movie was based, Sestero, also took a huge part in the shooting. He appears on set helping behind the scenes besides that, acts in the project. According to the rumors and numerous talking on the Internet, people cannot wait to see this biographical comedy because in such films James Franco completely changes the atmosphere making it the enjoyable for family watching. As they can see on the paparazzi photo James had to wear hair extensions to play his character.

Here are some interesting facts about the starring:

  • In the film there are a bunch of famous American actors who already got their roles, among them are Sharon Stone, Kate Upton, Zoey Deutch, Melanie Griffith and the others, described below.
  • Josh Hutcherson, best known for playing the main character in film series The Hunger Games, also took a part in the upcoming
  • Zac Efron and younger brother of James – Dave – united again after three collaborations in previous years.
  • Greg Sestero, who wrote the book the film is base on, also had a role in the project – he played a casting agent in the film.

The Masterpiece 2017 movie release date hasn’t appeared yet, but, however, people already know the story line. The film begins with Sestero who notices Wiseau in the class of acting. The unusual behaving and unordinary life views surprise him. However, his new friend refused to talk about his past focusing on his acting and real life. Sestero keeps changing his acting plans, grows them and earns a lot of knowledge in this area which makes his new friend jealous.

After watching psychological thriller, Sestero comes up with the idea to show this film to his friend who is, as he thinks, is very similar to its main character. But Wiseau didn’t recognize himself – instead of that, he came up with the idea to create something similar and names new project The Room.  Despite the fact Wiseau had absolutely no knowledge and experience in making big screenplays and films, he continues directing the project and looking for the cast. After having some problems with the crew and other technical problems, the shooting was finished. But all the members, including Wiseau, lost their hope and said that the film would never be seen. However, what happens the next changes their minds.

At the end of the film, Wiseau makes a mini cut from his film for his family who didn’t find it really like a piece of art. But after some time, he releases his project and becomes popular. When is The Masterpiece 2017 coming to the theaters and world’s cinemas people will be able to see a great story about a man who had that strong belief in his dreams. That led him to the top of his career, even if, as he may have thought, there was almost no one who desired to help him or at least support.

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