When does come out Duck Duck Goose movie 2018


If you love funny, smart, engaging and uplifting animated movies that you can enjoy with your whole family (including the little ones and the elders), make sure to check this one out. Ok, so, when does Duck Duck Goose come out – is the premiere in 2017? No, unfortunately, it will be available at the American movie theaters only on April 20, 2018. And, there is no official info on the worldwide release (including the UK, Canada, and/or the European and Asian countries).  Well, it will, without a doubt, arrive at the international theaters; it’s just that the dates aren’t set yet.

Duck Duck Goose movie 2018

A Free-Spirited Goose Vs. The World

The plot is centered on Peng, a bachelor, a playboy and a free-spirited goose without a care in the world. An epic migration is coming, but he’d rather act a fool and mess around than get himself together and work on his “moves”. Actually, he is working, pretty hard, but only to prove that he’s the best goose in the neighborhood: all Peng cares about is flying at crazy speeds and doing all kinds of insane stunts for the heck of it. Eventually, the slugger flies extremely close to the ground and hits an innocent flock of ducklings. Thankfully, nobody gets hurt, but he does separate a lovely family – a bro and a sis – from the rest of the geese.

An Accident That Changes Everything

The official movie Duck Duck Goose trailer is not out yet, and that’s a pity because we bet that this scene would definitely be included there and that it would look pretty funny. But, given the fact that it’s only coming in 2018, it’s not even surprising. Nevertheless, this chance encounter brings something out in Peng, makes him turn into a far more caring, careful and responsible fella. On this new journey, he’ll have his wing broken, and his heart taken. Somewhere along the day, the light-headed goose experiences what they call the power of love and vows to protect the little ducklings at all cost. The kiddos, in turn, also grow fond of him and consider Peng something of a father figure – they look up to him.

Duck Duck Goose movie

A Mighty Cast, A Great Story, A Lot Of Fun

The story kinda makes you look forward to the Duck Duck Goose movie release date in 2018, doesn’t it? As far as voice acting goes, the film features Jim Gaffigan, one of the finest American stand-up comedians, writers and producers as Peng, the legendary Carl Reiner as Larry, and many other talented and world-famous actors, like, say, Stephen Fry. These people are actually perfect for a lovely animated movie like this one. It’s worth mentioning that this is a cooperation between China and America, and that is exactly why the heroes have Chinese names (the main character being one of them). By the way, the Asian countries are getting more and more involved with Hollywood and are doing a great job of integrating themselves into the industry on a worldwide scale.

Fighting The Cold, The Darkness, And The Predators

The cast is great, the plot is interesting, the message is strong – we can say with certainty that Duck Duck Goose will be a solid crowd-pleaser. Will Peng make it through all the challenges and protect the siblings? He can’t fly anymore, and winter is right around the corner. Help isn’t coming, and there will be almost no food to feed himself and the babies. Besides, there’s a big, scary cat out there, waiting for the right moment to attack. Yes, the situation is pretty dire, and the dangers of the world are threatening to break his spirit, but you can’t bring a free-spirited goose down that easily! He’s ready to do whatever it takes to protect the siblings that he came to love and won’t go down without a proper fight. Once again, when is Duck Duck Goose coming to theaters in 2018? April 20th.

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