Alita Battle Angel movie trailer 2018

In Japan, Battle Angel Alita is an incredibly popular manga, and Hollywood has finally decided to turn it into an AAA title. The movie will be a gripping, thrilling and CGI effects-friendly sci-fi story for the fans of the genre. And the Alita Battle Angel movie trailer 2018 shows us that the big-screen adaptation will be just as dark and suspenseful as the original, which is great.

The head honchos in the industry really love to turn unique international masterpieces into something a lot more “poppy”, so to speak. But, not this time around. At the same time, the team behind the film will make sure that even the folks who’ve never heard of it will be interested enough to buy a ticket to the premiere.

Turning A Japanese Manga Into An International Blockbuster

The movie is coming to the USA and the UK on July 20, 2018; countries like Germany and Australia will get to check it out a day earlier. Mr. Robert Rodriguez is the officially confirmed director, while the legendary James Cameron himself is working hard to turn the epic manga into a grandiose tale for the Western audience. Yes, he’s the screenwriter, and that fact alone is peculiar enough to want to see the film, right?

Alita Battle Angel movie

The Alita Battle Angel teaser trailer features the incredible cast that includes the beautiful Rosa Salazar and the insanely talented Christoph Waltz. They’re playing the lead female and male roles. Michelle Rodriguez is also a part of the project, and she’ll be portraying Gelda, a robot warrior. The Japanese authors really love stories about cyborgs, but for us, the European/American viewers, it’s something of an exotic thing (and no, the Transformers don’t count).

Romance + Action + Adventure = Success?

Well, we do love a good action-adventure slash romantic thriller, right? Alita, the main character of this story, was created by Mr. Ido: he found her half-dead and fixed the girl. She’s half human, half robot, a lethal weapon, one of the greatest warriors of her time. Unfortunately, she doesn’t know who she is and/or what her purpose is.

Her creator is the only person that knows the truth. He was hoping Alita would be the “instrument” that could break the vicious cycle of destruction. Yet, to be successful on her mission, the cyborg has no other choice but to fight and to kill. So, who is she? An angel of light and salvation, or an angel of death and despair? The new Alita Battle Angel official trailer 2018 doesn’t give a direct answer, which makes the anticipation that much more exciting.

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