Stronger movie trailer 2017

The picture “Stronger” by D. G. Green is a drama of one person against the backdrop of the drama of national scale.

The tragedy of the Boston Marathon 2013 is too noticeable an episode not to get into the cinema. Two films on the terrorist attack will appear on the screen in 2017. The first will be the “Patriot Day,” where the main attention is paid to the investigation of the pursuit of terrorists, and then, there will be a picture “Stronger,” in which the main roles are played by Jake Gyllenhaal and Tatiana Maslany. Stronger movie trailer 2017 is not available. On the Net, you can find a lot of videos on the production of the movie, fan-made trailers and etc.

Jeff Bauman, Jr.

Jeff Bauman, Jr., is one of the most popular victims of the unfortunate marathon. The athlete lost his legs because of the explosion, but the event only made our hero stronger. Miraculously saved thanks to the intervention of an ordinary passer-by named Carlos, Bauman not only started new life but also provided key assistance in finding the perpetrators. It was he who drew up profiles of possible suspects, which helped the police and the FBI to find the terrorists. The information that Bauman gave them really helped for an investigation.

Stronger teaser trailer is not publicly available.


Conspiracy theories

However, there is a dark side of the life after this sad event for Jeff. Not all the public thought that Bauman is a hero, a lot of theories appeared that both the explosion and its victims were fictional, that is, the same Jeff had long ago lost his legs, and on that fateful day in 2013, he only played his fictional role in the tragedy.

The strength of spirit

However, Jeff turned out to be a real man and a public winner – the more he attacked by conspiracy theorists, the stronger his spirit and the support of his family, friends, co-workers.

We are looking forward to new Stronger official trailer 2017 and hope that it does not disappoint us.

The release of the movie is scheduled for September 22, 2017, in the USA.

In Canada, the movie will come out on the same date.

The world premier (India, the UK, Russia, and others) is planned for September 22, 2017.

Thank you for being with us!

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