The Strangers 2 movie trailer 2018

This is the official follow-up to the highly successful horror movie that came out 10 years ago – in 2008. And now, a decade later, we’re finally getting the sequel. The Strangers 2 movie trailer 2018 makes everything clear right from the start: it’s going to be one hell of a scary film and (hopefully) a big-time hit.

The director, the writers, and the whole production crew is super-thrilled to work on this project and has promised to turn chapter 2 into a masterpiece. We already know that Christina Hendricks, one of the finest actresses of our time, will be portraying the main character of the story. Bailee Madison, Martin Henderson, and other talented actors/actresses will also be a part of the movie’s cast.

A Classic Horror Story

The story follows a regular family on a journey down the road. They were hoping for a nice getaway trip, but after the power suddenly goes out, they agree to spend the night in a trailer. Everything was going great until three maniacs in masks decided to turn these innocent folks into the victims of their sick games. Every single person will be tested in the most gruesome situations, driven to their limits.

The Strangers 2

There’s no escaping these psychos, and the only way to win is to put them down. But how can a helpless family face these terrorists? The Strangers 2 teaser trailer gives us a sneak peek into the blood-rushing mix of thrill, suspense, tension and action that will make us bite our nails at the theaters when the film comes out.

Now, the original movie had a budget of $9 mil, and it managed to gross over 82 million US dollars. Yep, it was a huge commercial release; however, for some reason, the critics didn’t really like it that much and had only bad things to say about the story and the main characters. As for the sequel, the fans are hoping that the team will get rid of all the weak sides and introduce us to a great plot and likable characters.

Six Years In The Making

Chapter two has been in production since 2011, and, even though they wanted to release it in 2012, we’re still waiting on it – for almost 6 years now. So, yeah, it’s been a while, and the only thing that connects these two movies is the fact that the band of maniacs is the same as before. Now, filming has officially concluded in July (2017), which means it will be released. The new The Strangers 2 official trailer 2018 sets just the right mood for the fans and keeps us all in anticipation. Will it be the king of horrors next year or just another solid scary movie? Only time will tell!

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