Tomb Raider movie trailer 2018


What are your thoughts about new Lara Croft? 2018 is getting new one played by Swedish actress Alicia Vikander. Among professional Tomb Raider movie trailer 2018, the viewer can easily find a behind-the-scenes look with beautiful Alicia as the new Croft. In fact, this upcoming movie is actually based on the video game with the same title that was officially released in 2013.

The production of the American action movie started in 2011. The principal photography successfully started at the end of January in 2017. The location of filming that had been previously chosen by the director of the upcoming project was Cape Town in South Africa. Due to the movie plot, it took a little bit longer to finish filming and finally at the beginning of June 2017 it was announced that the process of shooting was finally finished in Warner Bros. Studios.

Release dates

Finally, the successful release of Tomb Raider teaser trailer has revealed all the information about the date when the film is going to be shown in American theaters and cinemas. In fact, the movie will come out in March 2018, not just in American but also in British pictures.

Tomb Raider movie


According to the story line of the film, it follows the character Lara Croft – the daughter of an adventurer who has suddenly disappeared when she was a teenage girl. Nowadays she is 21 years old beautiful woman without any specific aim in her life. She lives in London and works as a bike courier whilst barely being able to pay the rent. Meanwhile, she attends local college but does not have enough time to be present on the classes.

The girl makes a decision to build her own life without the reins left after her father’s disappearance. But she does not believe he is gone forever either. The whole situation makes her finally think about solving the father-daughter problem. She goes against his final wishes and heads on an adventure in Japan which actually the last destination her father managed to visit.

Interesting facts

Before new Tomb Raider official trailer 2018 comes out, there is a bigger fish to fry as the director of the movie, as well as the actors gave away some interesting facts about the upcoming project.

  • The actress who got female lead role is actually a big fan of previously mentioned video game of the same name.
  • Alicia is the second actress to portray Lara who also got an Oscar award just like Jolie.
  • In this film, Dominic West portrays the father of Alicia for the second time after another movie released in 2014.
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