Transformers 6 movie trailer 2018

Aren’t you tired of the Transformers franchise yet? Well, Michael Bay certainly is, as he admitted a while ago. Still, that doesn’t stop him from putting his heart and soul into it and making big-time bucks for the producers. The latest installment in the series showed that it really needs a shake-up, and, thankfully, it’s already here! The Transformers 6 movie trailer 2018 takes us back in time, all the way to 1985.

Why the sudden change of scenery? To tell an emotional story, of course! The sixth chapter is titled Bumblebee and it will be an official spinoff. Mr. Travis Knight will direct the movie, while it’s already confirmed that the beautiful Hailee Steinfeld will play the lead role. We also have the release dates set: in The USA, the yellow robot will arrive on June 8, 2018; in the UK, the movie will become available on June 22nd. Countries like Argentina and Russia will get to check it out a day earlier.

A Mighty Shake-Up To Get Us Excited Again

So, it’s been a decade since the first Transformers movie came out, and 2018 seems like just the right year to prove that the production team still has a creative streak in its bones. If you’re a fan of the once-legendary animated series about the big robots, then you must feel pretty nostalgic right now. In fact, according to the writers and the director, nostalgia played a big role in their decision to take a drastic turn with the franchise.

Transformers 6 movie

The Transformers 6 teaser trailer features the gorgeous Hailee Steinfeld and a lot less intelligent machines than you could expect. Will she be able to do what Shia LaBeouf did for the series? We’ll just have to wait and see. This movie is going to focus on the story rather than a worldwide war that involves hundreds of Transformers, adrenaline-pumping CGI effects and bad jokes, that’s for sure.

Bumblebee + Steinfeld Equals Love

Honestly, we’ve had enough of that, and fans have been asking for something like this for a long time. If Bumblebee manages to create the same awesome atmosphere as did the 2007 movie, we’ll be forever thankful to Knight and his entire team. Now, if this plan pans out, the entire narrative might change and get some sort of a reboot, with possible references to the aforementioned animated series.

The new Transformers 6 official trailer 2018 will, most certainly, have the franchise fans both praising the producers for moving forward with the story and scolding them for going cheap and trying to get everybody excited with the 1985 setting. That’s OK, though. Sometimes, less is more. Is it the case with Bumblebee? We’ll find out in a year!

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