When does come out Cars 3 movie 2017

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We get used, that cartoon characters are usually animals or unusual creatures, but the creators of “Cars” went further. They decided to show the story of cars-life. And it was the right decision because of the car – it is a great passion of all the boys in the world. Therefore, a cartoon got immense popularity and has won the sympathy of film professionals and ordinary audience. After the release of the two pictures, the creators said that they are preparing cartoon “Cars 3”. When does Cars 3 come out and about what will be movie – read in our article.

Cars 3 movie 2017

The plot of the cartoon “Cars 3” 2017

In the first chapter, the audience had an opportunity to get acquainted with the ambitious racing car – Lightning McQueen. It was he who became the hero of the first two chapters, and they will remain in the third. For the first time, fans saw McQueen on the race track, where he fought in the championship for the Piston Cup. But he had no luck there because his tire blew, and he came to the finish line at the same time with two other participants. As result has been assigned another race among the three finalists.

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But after that trouble happened with the McQueen. At the time, when he was transporting to a new place of competition, he fell from the car, which was delivering him. Therefore, McQueen had to catch up with his own trailer. According to the temper of this character, it is clear that on the way he broke the set of rules of the road.

Therefore, he was arrested in the town, located on Highway 66, Radiator Springs. Now the rider needs to fix the road, and only then he can go back to the competition. It turned out, this adventure has brought him only benefit. McQueen met a charming and kind people of this town, who eventually became his best friends.

Returning to the competition, he could definitely win, use the original tricks that he learned the residents of Radiator Springs. But at the last moment, one of the participants in the race had an accident and Lightning helped him so and lost. Despite this, all considered him a hero.

In the second part, Lightning McQueen is presented to the audience, as a four-time winner of the most prestigious award – the Big Piston Cup. Now he has to take part in the new competition and overcome many obstacles in order to stay alive.

But what will be the story of the cartoon “Cars 3” in 2017? As always, the audience will be able to see the car competitions. Among the participants will again be the favorite Lightning McQueen. He will want to win again, but can he do it? Will he have enough strength and agility to win again a very difficult race? Let us hope that this time he will be able to easily overcome all obstacles.

The information with regard to the third part of the story. All other details of the creators kept in secret. Although from time to time on the internet, there is information about some of the details of the plot. Thus, it became known that in the film there will be two major US highways – namely, 66 and 99. There are also rumors that the audience can get acquainted with new characters. Movie Cars 3 trailer seems to be dynamic and vivid. Don’t miss!

But who they are and whether positive or negative, is still unknown. Therefore, we are reserved by patience and look forward to the appearance of the cartoon on the screens. In the meantime, you can see the trailer for the animated film “Cars 3” 2017, and learn more about the new adventures of Lightning McQueen.

Cars 3


Lightning McQueen will have the voice of actor Owen Wilson. In the previous parts of the audience could hear the main character speaks his voice. By the way, for Owen, this cartoon is not the only experience of sound, in this role he has worked on such projects, “Mater and the Ghostlight,” “Free Birds ” and ” The Hero of Color City “. It is also known that the charismatic character Sheriff voice spoke again, Michael Wallis, who has voiced characters in such projects, “Tokyo Mater “, “Mater and the Ghostlight”. As you can see, real professionals working on this animated film who have extensive experience in the cinema. Therefore, you can be sure that this picture is very high quality and gives a lot of vivid impressions of all the spectators. When is Cars 3 2017 coming to theaters wasn’t certain. The creators of the cartoon were informed that the premiere will take place only in 2018 or even in 2019. But after a while, the following information was announced after the beginning of work on this project. Soon it became clear, that it will be 2017 year.

The creators of the cartoon “Cars 3”

Responsible for the production of the cartoon became the company, which works in the genre of computer animation – «Pixar Animation Studios». Recall that due to the company’s viewers were able to see these fascinating films as “Braveheart,” “Ratatouille,” “Monsters, Inc.” and many others, which immediately won the sympathy of the inhabitants of the vast number of countries. This American film company «Walt Disney Pictures» became the distributor of the painting.

Cars 3 2017 movie release date is scheduled for June 15, 2017.

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