When does come out Catfight movie 2017


The “Catfight” is a new movie by Onur Tukel. The whole information on film and the main question: “When does Catfight come out?” you will find in the article below.


  • O. Tukel is a director of the movie. He is known for “Applesauce”, “Summer of Blood”, “Abby Singer/Songwriter”.
  • Z. White is a cinematographer.
  • E. Braverman is a production designer.
  • C. LaRose is a costume designer.

Catfight movie 2017

When is Catfight 2017 coming to theaters?

It is scheduled to release movie on screens in the beginning of March, 2017 in the USA.


Arguments about the enmity are not accidentally following the reasoning of friendship and love. These relations are, firstly, the antipodes, and secondly, there is often hostility on the basis of the degeneracy of friendly and uncomplicated other intimate relationships, and third, friendship, love and hatred are at different points in the same continuum of human interpersonal relations.

But at the same enmity is independent from the others relations and may occur independently of the initially indifferent relationship. Hate relationship type can be defined as imbued with mutual hostility and hatred of people. It should be recognized that in a society in times of revolutionary changes such relationships occur not less than friendship and love. Why feud existed, exists and probably will always exist? First of all, because the interests of the people are essentially different and their needs are, they can only satisfied by the violation or neglect of the interests of other people.

Catfight movie

Anyone who got more from life caused probably in people, mostly the poor, envy. From this sense of humanity will hardly ever be able to completely get rid of. From this sense the humanity will hardly ever be able to completely get rid of. The history of human relations and emotions clearly and colorfully presented to us by writers and philosophers of the past, strongly suggests that people, as they were hundreds years ago, so they the same today. All of this suggests that there are unavoidable reasons for the manifestation of hostility and even hatred between people. Among these reasons are other subjective factors. The main of them is the intellectual and personal individual differences which often lead to misunderstanding each other and different kind of confrontation.

But there are other people who have not understand this logic, and therefore do not realize their illogical thinking. When dealing with such person, it is useless to try to ensure that he in his assumptions strictly followed by the rules of logic. We often meet with mutual bilateral psychological barrier of misunderstanding people: on the one hand, reveals a lack of understanding, and with another – lack of understanding of who owns it. But this is only one of the possible individual differences in predictive in nature which can give rise to hostility and lead to hostility. Other – significant differences in the level of education is still lingering in people. These differences lead to the fact that people have become uninteresting for each other.

It is known that a sincere and deep interest in people can only be to the subject that it at least a little familiar. For example, in mathematics usually show interest in the people who were involved in it; painting, literature, music, technical design are most interested in artists, writers, musicians, and engineers; a man who himself never engaged in any sport is unlikely to be a real professional and amateur connoisseur of this type of activity. People with different backgrounds, of course, do not understand each other, and if the greater difference the more can be misunderstandings between them. Itself, it is certainly not lead to hostility. So usually there is a lack of understanding between people of different age, occupation, vital interests.

Catfight 2017


The official movie Catfight trailer is available trailer on the YouTube.


The rivalry reaches its apogee between two girls when they attend the luxury party.


  • S. Oh as Veronica
  • A. Heche as Ashley
  • A. Silverstone as Lisa
  • J. Ahdoot as Amid
  • D. Baker as Doctor Jones
  • T. Burgess as John
  • J. Carlos as Howie

Release Date

Catfight 2017 movie release date is planned on 3rd of March, 2017 in the USA.

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