When does come out Star Wars: Episode VIII movie 2017


There will be many, many answers to the questions that have emerged in connection with the news about the date when Star Wars: Episode VIII comes out. We will spend time productively during waiting for Episode 8.


Although the movie Star Wars: Episode VIII trailer has not yet appeared, there is an intriguing video from filming on the internet. Previous director resigns with regret. As a result, Rian Johnson will replace JJ Abrams, making a more modern version of Star Wars.

Star Wars: Episode VIII

The scenery was built in London, where shooting Episode VIII will take place. Lynwen Brennan officially declared about the location at the end of last year.

Have to wait:

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No one was sure about the direction of the plot and even the end of the last episode. However, the creators talked about the surprise, and unpredictability. Galaxy is still in danger, even without the threat of Darth Vader. A distinctive feature of all episodes is the dynamic narrative, but always there are many lost, hidden facts, many facts left for later for future series.

In support, we will see returning characters, which are not specified in the original story. We hope the film will answer many questions, for example, details about Snoke and Rey family. What is the connection with the Force here? It will be next year when Star Wars: Episode VIII 2017 is coming to theaters. We will say: the time has come, so Episode 8 must make a clarity and dispel our doubts and suspicions. There are many rumors about the next episode, for example, waiting for LGBT character, because of the petition in order to the first character of color appeared in the memory. In any case Star Wars always was full of aliens and strange creatures. Total, a good, quite entertaining film, which is cool for easy watching, just to relax and immerse themselves in the world of adventure.

Some changes in the roles

Filming has been already continuing a long time, since February 2016. We have gathered all the information that is communicated within the last six months, let’s look closer at who is in the сast:

All the important roles persist. This means that all the familiar actors are back. There are rumors that the aging Skywalker will have accumulated enough strength and intention to fight the First Order Star Destroyer. This is one of the rarest of experiments to observe how Mark Hamill will be playing changes of life and its many trials as his character Luke.

Opponents of the good “force” will also appear in all of their former strength Adam Driver, Andy Serkis, Domhnall Gleeson. They will be respectively: Kylo Ren, Supreme Leader Snoke, General Hux.

It is expected that, Billie Lourd, Fisher’s daughter, will receive a greater role this time. Disney’s official release on February 2016 mentioned this. And Harrison Ford confirmed the start of filming. So good and evil are fighting for the sympathies of the Kylo Ren. Although information about the Han Solo part in the eighth episode has not been proved, but he was involved in the filming at least of memories.

Star Wars: Episode VIII movie

Benicio del Toro could not refuse the role of the villain here, having already had experience of the sci-fi adventure before. Let’s see, his role may be not so typical, as we expect. It has been suggested that Kelly Marie Tran will be in one of the most significant roles in the cast. Let’s see exactly how her story line will be connected with others, such as Finn’s story.

What about unconfirmed rumors? If you heard that Hayden Christensen is back in the eighth episode, it is rather to please the wishes of the audience.


Final date announced: December 15, next year. As often happens, there was an earlier date scheduled for Star Wars: Episode 8 2017 movie release date. But, the post-production was not completed fast enough. However, we are absolutely sure of first-class products that will be presented to the public finally, at the end of 2017

Of course, it was a great shock and surprise to fans who know the tradition of release time for Star Wars. Opening window for the summer fiction blockbuster was replaced by winter month. So let’s see who will win in December in attracting viewers: Avatar sequel and Ready Player One is also scheduled at this time.

It’s been a while, but the situation in the universe is still the same. All viewers have greatly missed the previous level and style. We are look forward to skillful continuation of “a fairy tale for children of all ages”.

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