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When does come out Friday the 13th movie 2017

The 2017 is a good year for the loud returns. There will be a new version of the horror movie “Friday 13”! Producer Brad Fuller told about what to expect from the reboot of the cult horror film. The screenplay was written by Aaron Guzikovski (“Captive”).

Details of the plot are kept secret. At some moments, there were no official date of the start of filming, nor the director. When does Friday the 13th come out? Well, the premiere is going to be held on the 13th of October 2017.

Let’s remind ourselves what the deal with that movie and why it is so devilishly popular.

Friday the 13th 2017

The history of the versions

Franchise gives us glance at the everyday life of the silent imbecile with a machete, hunting tourists. It dates back to the 1980s. The last film in the series (12-th in a row), which is the total remake of the first three parts, was released in 2009. 7 years has passed since that time and the promised sequel did not appear. If there is another movie after the 13th version, it will be not released for a minimum of 8 years, it seems. But these 8 years are the biggest gap between the movies the franchise has ever experienced. Movie Friday the 13th trailer is yet to be released which makes the fans anxious.

At first “Platinum Dunes” company tried to find a suitable script writers. The sleeve has long held the trump card — the winter adventures of Jason, on which fans fantasized many years — he can’t just “sleep it off” for the winter, right? The fella is busy for Christmas too, isn’t he? But the idea of “Jason in the drifts” was eventually abandoned (because, according to the canons of the genre, nudity and other corruption in the bosom of nature are necessary, and what “strawberry” can survive in the dead of winter?).

Years passed, and the idea of a sequel gradually lost its sense: it is believed that when it takes a lot of time to shoot the actual movie, the audience has time to forget the previous film. So, we need a new reboot.

The “curse” of the director’s chair

When the studio decided on the intentions, they began to negotiate with various directors, none of which, however, stayed long in the director’s chair (Mr. Eisner was at least the sixth director, which was contacted by Paramount). What’s next — is not yet clear, but it is obvious that Friday the 13th 2017 movie release date have to be endured. For now it is scheduled for 13th of October (yes, it’s Friday the 13th).

We cannot say that the reboot of 2009 was bad — it was quite watchable, and in addition — paid off nicely. But the film of Marcus Nispel largely played the nostalgic feelings of the audience, remembering the 80’s production and cast. Producers reasonably feared that the next version will not be successful. This was largely due to the overall situation around the slasher: from once the most profitable horror subgenre it turned into a niche product with a limited audience. Even the mega-baddies were already “no ice”: acting on the standard program, spelled out many years ago, they could not offer virtually anything new.

Friday the 13th movie 2017

What awaits us?

We venture to say that the old story causes too many questions — these days it will look ridiculous. But to really modernize it, to bring some logic into the cute, but silly stories about drowned, slashing the resting youth, they have to disfigure the canon greatly. And fans will also unlikely be happy with the turn of evets. The restarts of “Nightmare on Elm Street” and “Halloween” has already shown that rewriting iconic characters is a very slippery idea. As everybody can understand, producer Brad Fuller intends to slip between a rock and a hard place, making a mix of first and second versions.

More specific details are obviously not shared with mere mortals. But if the authors intend to re-enter the same river, then there is at least one useful thing Eisner and Guzikovsky star can do — namely, they could finally explain to the audience who is Jason. Or when is Friday the 13th 2017 coming to theaters? But no pressure. We’ll wait as much as it’s required.

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