When does come out Here We Are movie 2017

Today we look at a rare example of independent film, which created by young people for the general public. When does Here We Are come out? March 13-14 March of this year it was announced for USA. All details and names in the paragraphs belowahead. This drama movie tells about frustrated enthusiasm and young love.

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How to behave asn unambitious young writers in Austin, Texas? Not only that, but any other creative people dream to get rid of his slacker surroundings. The young protagonist decides to take some action to his dreams and desired lifestyle after his girlfriend’s leaving him for another guy. Anyway he should to do something new;, it is not good to be in debt to your older brother all the time!

His chance to quickly get money for leaving town is to participate in the pharmaceuticals tests. Here Andy meets Misty. He has some sort of spark with her, a mysterious woman. Does she want to dare and go along with him? If so, willwhether the tests will be successful?

They go all out, they try to fight for the American Dream, that’s so attracted all predecessors, from other generations. But the dream is already spoiled, unfortunately. Besides, this dream for many people bringslittle benefit and will take away power from their deeper human needs.

Here We Are movie 2017


The movie Here We Are trailer shows you this Indie creation in the process of creating and meet with all participants, many ofwhom usually remain behind the scenes. This trailer really makes you want to see the movie!

This great trailer is realistic, sincere, very honest and full of inspiration. This video is full of hope and has a thirst to create.


  1. Director of Photography is Benjamin Kitchens;
  2. The idea of David Bellarosa. His family loves to watch plays. And today he is director and writer.
  3. Producers are Will Rimmer (worked with The Coen Brothers and many more) and Beau Harris.
  4. Stacey Rice is Casting Director.
  5. There is a talented actor’s team. They are young and remember what was going on, because they have experienced a similar story recently in their lives. Deaf actors will play in this movie too. So it is an occasion to enjoy the aesthetics of silent speech, like a dance, if you did not have time to explore and to learn the silent language before. Alex Dobrenko, Olivia Grace Applegate, Chase Joliet, Michael S. Maponga, Joshua Morrow, Rebekka Bryant (Paula), Max McNamara, Cameron Fuller, Marian Aynesworth are in Cast.

Alex Dobrenko took the lead role – Andy. T.J. Larson is Co-Producer in this movie. Wilson Smith is Co-Producer and Film Critic. Wilson after University works in Austin, Texas, the nation’s fastest growing city. Because it is the best city for job and startups. Indeed, the main is incredibly high quality of life because of ecology in one of the greenest cities.

If we look at the previous work of the director, of the actors and the rest of the team, it becomes clear that this movie would be an amazing film, professional and distinctive. I need an answer to the last question: when is Here We Are coming to theaters? This movie is coming in October 2017.

The Current Status of this movie is casting. The information has not changed for a long time so maybe it is still in Deep pre-production stage. You can support the project and the pledge to the young people’s project. Such an act by the audience probably will accelerate the release date of the film. We are impatient to see that work of these brave and cohesive guys. If Here We Are 2017 movie release date will change we will let you know. You will love to see the full film!


Do not to be confused with another film of 2016, with a similar title. That film shot in Iceland, directed by Fabien Dubois. It is about two science’s students from France. The film is a magical and scientific at the same time, very atmospheric, which corresponds to the mood in the investigation of magnetic theory. Sometimes curiosity is not only dangerous for the participants, but could led to dangerously unprecedented cataclysm.

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