When does come out The Hills movie 2017


The crime movie “The Hills” is coming up. That’s why we have prepared all-known information on the movie below.

When does The Hills come out? And many other questions we will observe in this topic.


Is there in the world at least one country where would be no crime? In my strong belief, which is rooted but not unfounded, is simply cannot be. Crime originates in prehistoric times since the birth of a man, still exists as its integral part and will be exist more than a century as a legacy of the animal instinct of survival – kill or to be killed. Over the time this instinct ennobled and was named: “Survives the strongest.” I would be slightly altered human society saying on “survives the most impudent”.

The Hills 2017

Everything that could be eaten or used in farming for personal benefits was stolen before the invention of money. Money is equalized crime all over the world, making it the property of the elect, a special caste of people who is now part of the shadow (and not only) government.

Crime itself is absolutely international. People of all ethnic groups can be found among its representatives. In addition, criminals can be found in all social groups of human society, although with some “nuances” in the specialization: from small to large, drug trafficking and illegal weapons trade. And we have to say that the majority of criminals do their work artistically, with perfect skill, unwittingly causing the admiration. There are a lot of books are written about them, movies is made with the participation of prominent actors, songs are composed about them unwittingly forcing readers, viewers and listeners to empathize them.

Modern thieves and bandits are well dressed, often good educated, use the coolest automotive products and electronic-home industry and good armed.

Why crime film?

Crime film is one of the oldest genres of cinema. In the past, it has won its popularity due to the widespread use of special effects and clever tricks.

The main heroes of the films are inherent in the spirit of adventure and daring, combined with a sense of justice, the eternal search for truth and sharing universal values. “Goodness has to be with fists” – that is the main message that distinguishes crime films from the other genres of films.

The main idea is usually supplemented with humorous overtones, sharp plot and dynamic development of the events that is able to keep the screen on of any viewer. And if earlier crime films associated with the eternal opposition “cops”, “good” and “bad” guys, but now the genre has expanded and improved, and the content of the works became more interesting and exciting, making the number of fans of crime films has increased significantly.



The idea of the movie is to show the dark side of human society where rules lawlessness, where the illegal business generates dirty money and human life is subservient to its sophisticated standards of morality.


  • The director of the criminal movie is S. Josey. He is known for “Angels around Me”, “Gangland”, “Agent Jackson”, “Who’s on My Side”, “Primal Instinct”.
  • Michael Gaynor was announced as compositor.
  • Greg Galloway is cinematographer.
  • Production designer is Terre S. Carter.
  • Production manager is Rory L. Christian.

When is The Hills coming to theaters?

It is planned to release film in the middle of February.

The official movie The Hills trailer is not available yet.



The movie will show us a story about the attorney who made decision to defend the killer who has killed his friend. Now the killer wants to kill the son of that friend. Attorney has to fight against killer for the life of his friend’s son. He tries to atone for what he did to his father many years ago. What side of the Law will chose the Attorney Lee? Will the justice win this time?


  1. Powell as Captain Pearson
  2. Hicks as Dr. Welker
  3. Whitfield as Seargeant Manson
  4. Gooding as Craig Harris
  5. Williams as Miss Lee
  6. Claudia Jordan as Nurse Brady
  7. Glover as Lt Frances
  8. Henry as Martavious Gayles
  9. Ireland as Jeremiah Matthews Jr.
  10. Gideon as Undercover Detective
  11. Josey as Attorney Lee
  12. Gaines as Attorney Tina

The Hills 2017 movie release date is scheduled on 15th of February. The world premier is still unknown.

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