List of best Cartoon movies 2017

The animation is a special kind of motion picture created by animators, which use different materials and techniques to create characters, and “animation” takes place by the rapid change of frames.

Both children and adults love cartoon movie. Tin the topic below, we will show you the top 15 best cartoon movies that will come out in 2017.

List of best Cartoon movies 2017

15. The LEGO NINJAGO Movie

Six brave ninjas will have fight side by side against the evil that wants to control the island.

14. Sing

The fourteenth place of our TOP 15 best modern Cartoon films 2017 takes a colorful cartoon, featuring a good sense of humor and a fascinating storyline, takes viewers to an unusual city, inhabited only by animals. On the streets of this megalopolis, surprisingly reminiscent of modern New York, we can meet anyone – from a small jazz-mouse to an admiring giraffe all around! At the beginning of the narrative, we are introduced to a koala named Buster, who owns a local theater. Unfortunately, in recent years things have not been going well for the hero, because of debts he can lose the theater altogether. To save the situation, Buster, together with a friend Eddie decides to organize a competition, the essence of which is to find new talents for theatrical stage.

13. Captain Underpants

A couple of close friends and classmates hypnotized the school director and he became a superhero in underpants.

12. Cars 3

Lightning McQueen is a renowned world-famous racer, who has now won in all possible competitions of his native continent. At the beginning of the cartoon, popular tabloids record the hero in the category of old cars which make him nervous. McQueen wants to decide when he can become one of the athletes of the past. But now the car is not ready to just take and leave the pedestal. When in some show they talk about the possible quick departure of Lightning for a deserved pension, the latter is more stubborn and decides to show the world a new self.

Cars 3

11. Surf’s Up 2: Wave Mania

After a series of amazing adventures that they accounted in the first part of the animated comedy, Cody and Lani decided to live peacefully. The main characters of the cartoon settled on their native island, where they became instructors in surfing. The occupation is rather calm, but annoying. After certain events, Cody begins to think about changing everything. At the same, it sets up a friend Chicken Joe, who wants the hero to participate in some kind of grandiose competition.

10. Spark

The events of the spectacular cartoon unfold in a fictional universe, where the insidious emperor Zhong is raging, dreaming of capturing all existing civilizations. For the sake of this goal, he created a huge space fleet and already conquered a number of planets. But now the villain is more dangerous than before because he managed to take control of an eerie creature, capable of creating huge black holes. No one is trying to confront the emperor, so civilization without superfluous conversations become subordinate to Zhong. This is not going to put up the main character – a brave monkey named Spark.

9. Richard the Stork

The abandoned hero of the animated film remains all alone, lamenting that he cannot fly away with his parents to warm countries. Not wanting to grieve in vain, he decides to prove to the birds that have thrown him his exclusiveness. What will happen, you will know if you watch the cartoon.

8. Smurfs: The Lost Village

Smurfette found the mysterious map and going to search for the Lost Village, which is in The Forest – all legends is called it a dangerous place. A lot of unforgettable adventures wait for Smurfette and her friends, but they will have to be extremely cautious because the kids are still hunted by the insidious magician Gargamel.

Smurfs: The Lost Village

7. The LEGO Batman Movie

Villains again start their dirty business on the streets of a glorious city. And although Gotham is guarded by superheroes led by the fearless Batman, he is still vulnerable. The Joker cannot calm down, he just needs to demonstrate to everyone his villainous skills. Now, Robin will help the Batman to find Joker and put him behind the bars. It also includes the TOP 15 best recent Cartoon movies because it was already released.

6. La tortue rouge

The cartoon presented to your attention is a kind of parable telling about the adventures of a lonely man. After an awful shipwreck, hardly a living hero gets to the shore of the island, on which only turtles and some mammals live. The main task is to leave this place. Will he leave it or not, you will know after watching the movie.

5. Ballerina

In the cartoon, the action will unfold in 1879 in France. The main character – a young and talented orphan comes to Paris to realize her cherished dream – to learn how to dance professionally and become a true ballerina. Here, new acquaintances and amazing exciting adventures await her.


4. Coco

An energetic 12-year-old boy, Miguel lives with a large family in rural Mexico. Miguel is to open the secret of generations associated with the national holiday Day of Remembrance. What did he find, you will know if watch the cartoon.

3. The Croods 2

Several generations of Croods live in a prehistoric world full of fantastic creatures. Their life cannot be called calm, but they do not have to be bored either – especially on the eve of global changes.

The Croods 2

2. Despicable Me 3

Once he was an influential villain, leading fear to the whole of Europe and consisting of a club of the same ambitious and influential criminals. But a lot of time has passed since then. Now the main character of the colorful cartoon film has completely changed, showing miracles of re-education. Gru and Lucy got married, gathered and adopted charming girls, who are now being brought up. An exemplary family man pays attention exclusively to his family. When the former glory of Gru begins to subside, a young change appears – the ambitious Balthasar – the brother of Gru, also the villain. What will be next, you will see in the movie.

1. Boss Baby

Meet the most colorful and fascinating cartoon that tells of the adventures of an unusual character. Tim is a seven-year-old boy with a great imagination, until recently the only child in the family. He is satisfied with life and thinks the world of his parents until he has a newborn brother. From this moment, the attention of mom and dad switches to an infant, which, as Tim remarks, sometimes behaves not quite like a baby.

TOP 15 best Cartoon movies of 2017 to watch you can watch when they will come out. Some of them are already on open access on the internet.

Now, TOP 15 best new Cartoon movies 2017 is coming to an end. We hope that this TOP was interesting for you.

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