List of Hollywood Disaster movies 2018

There are many assumptions about why people really like to watch disaster movies and why they like to watch pictures in which there are an only tragedy and no plot. According to directors, their works provide the audience with psychological relief.

On this occasion, we have prepared TOP 10 best Hollywood Disaster movies of 2018 to watch.

The best disaster movies give a lot of drive and emotion. They have everything: falling planes, ships going down, natural disasters, destroying whole cities and continents.

List of best Hollywood Disaster movies in 2018

  1. Rampage

It is a screen adaptation of the classic video game of the mid-1980s. It tells about three ordinary Americans turned into monsters with the help of experimental scientists. Gigantic lizard, gorilla, and wolf, in which there is not anything human left, begin to smash megacities. The scientist who worked on this project will have to stop this three monster as soon as possible.

  1. Mortal Engines

The plot of the fantasy film unfolds after a certain Sixty-Minute War, which started irreversible geological processes. People were in great danger because there were not enough resources, permanent earthquakes and volcanic eruptions destroyed entire cities. One scientist created a unique technology. It allowed megacities to move, creating so-called moving cities. Now the hunting for resources began quite differently, but everything has its consequences. People themselves created the conditions under which survival becomes even more difficult, impossible for many segments of the population.

  1. Avengers: Infinity War

Marvel’s heroes are in the TOP 10 latest released Hollywood Disaster films 2018.

The Avengers and their allies continue to defend our planet, coping with the dangers. This time they will face the new threat that has come from outer space. The great Thanos, an intergalactic tyrant who has long been pursuing the goal of collecting all six Infinity Gems, arrived to the Earth. Now he is ready to destroy any planet in order to become the only ruler in the galaxy. His relentless army will destroy everything in its path and no one can prevent it.

  1. Ready Player One

The dying world is famous for its strict laws. Young people in vain try to break through to technological excellence or make a breakthrough in the scientific environment. Any achievements are cut off by negative tendencies, leading the planet to an inglorious fall. Computer realities are the only outlet of a multimillion-dollar community.

Wade is the main hero of the movie. The young man skillfully hides from the suffering of the outside world in a gambling immersion in the game.

  1. Maze Runner: The Death Cure

After going through many dangerous trials in the labyrinth, the surviving gladers are faced with a terrible picture of widespread destruction. Heroes understand that humanity is balancing on the fragile edge of destruction and cannot tolerate this. Thomas becomes the head of a small detachment of like-minded people, realizing that the most dangerous and incredibly important mission awaits them.

  1. Hellboy

It is the midpoint of the TOP 10 latest Hollywood Disaster movies 2018.

When carrying out the military action, the Nazi officers realized that they would soon be defeated. To avoid undesirable turn of events, potentially losing militaries resort to implementing a contingency plan, hidden until the last moment. Using ancient magical knowledge, having performed a gloomy ritual, they manage to open the gates of the underworld and release into the existing world an evil creature possessing insuperable force. At the most crucial moment, the opponents of the fascists manage to change the course of the conceived action, convincing Hellboy, raising from Hell, to the good side. Thanks to timely intervention, the war ended with the unconditional defeat of the Nazi troops. The supernatural creature continues its irreconcilable struggle against all kinds of creatures of evil.

  1. Pacific Rim Uprising

The team of manned robots-defenders stopped the invasion of alien creatures. Now, humanity live peacefully but the war is just beginning … It’s time for a new generation to defend its right to Earth. Will the can withstand new enemy which stronger, faster, and smarter than the monsters from the first part?

  1. Day of the Dead: Bloodline

The crucial virus is in the TOP 10 new holly Disaster movies.

Complete darkness envelops the planet with the appearance of a fatal virus. Human flesh is now a bargaining chip, best minds are weak to subdue the chaos. Civilization is replaced by a bunch of thoughtless killers, chaotic eating of corpses and searching for new prey – brains. The exceptional cruelty of the infected individuals is combined with a complete disconnection of the mind, the lack of humanity or compassion. Zoe hopes to save the world by introducing the saving serum to the patients. The painstaking work of the scientist is conducted in the bunker, where the last hope of humanity lies.

  1. Cloverfield Movie

Mankind has always been interested in learning how all life appeared on Earth. The second expedition was sent to the orbital station to replace the old team and continue the study of the Earth. Members of the expedition discovered amazing particles. They could shed light on how all life on this planet was born. At the orbital station, special laboratories were created, in which astronauts observed the acceleration of particles and could monitor how all organisms on the planet developed. However, no one expected that only one small mistake in the work of the station could lead to terrible consequences.

Cloverfield 4 promo

  1. The Hurricane Heist

A group of hackers planned a cunning robbery, but the hurricane interfered in their plans. Only a meteorologist can stop criminals. Will this man be able to stop this bad guys and survive the hurricane?

A list of Hollywood Disaster movies 2018 ends now.

Thank you for being with us!

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