List of TOP 10 recently released Sci-Fi movies of 2017

The 21st century is definitely the century of visual effects where the films of sci-fi genre are even more breath-taking than they used to be in the past. 2017 is not a year for doing an exception as it represents professional work of famous actors and actresses united with the best effects which have become the main key to the good film. That is why we have successfully created brand new TOP 10 Sci-Fi latest movies 2017 that also contains the unique projects of different genres among sci-fi ones. This year will be the final one for some beloved franchises about our old heroes but it also symbolizes the arrival of the new ones.

However, it would take ages to describe the new upcoming films of genre sci-fi so we have taken the best ones and added on our list of TOP 10 Science Fiction movies recent. So what are these ones?


Transformers: The Last Knight

This upcoming American movie seems to be the very last picture in the whole franchise. This time the viewers will see the follow-up of the previous movie – according to the plot, human race started a war with the Transformers that are keep coming back to Earth for some reason. Everything is happening in the absence of the main one – Optimus Prime, but the humans seem to find the way to win the machines. Cade decides to create a team uniting with Bumblebee, a lord from the United Kingdom and an Oxford professor who will help them to solve the problem.

Thor: Ragnarok

This superhero American film follows the events from the recent Marvel project Avengers: Age of Ultron. Thor is being kept on the Skaar without having his powerful hammer. Everything changes when he suddenly realizes he has to win a gladiatorial duel against the man he has been old friends for many years – the Hulk. If he does not win the battle he will not be able to return to Asgard in order to have the chance to prevent the doom of the whole civilization. This film is one of the most expected ones when it comes to new Sci-Fi movies releases in 2017.


You may have already seen the trailer of this horror science fiction movie telling the story about the crew from six members that work for the International Space Station. According to the plot, they are currently on their way home right after being the first ones who can prove that there is actually a life on Mars. They have special soil from there that may contain something that can be the very sight of an extraterrestrial life. By taking a cell and making it grow faster, the crew gets a new biological organism that becomes dormant but is being revived again afterward. What it brings the crew put their lives in danger.

Spider-Man: Homecoming

This time, our list of TOP 10 recently released Sci-Fi movies of 2017 is truly full of Marvel superheroes as you will be able to see Peter Parker becoming a member of Avengers and working with Iron Man. The plot follows the life of Peter a few months after the events shown in Captain America: Civil War. Tony becomes his personal mentor and it seems to be difficult for young Spider-Man to balance between having the duties of a high school student and the one who decides to save the world.


Wolverine is finally back, this time he is the only one mutant in the near future – 2029 is the year of a new world being even more dangerous. According to the premise, the nurse from the corporation named Alkali hires Wolverine (known as Logan) for escorting her and her young daughter to a safer place in North Dakota. Meanwhile, Logan finds out that the young girl is a mutant that was created in a project “X-23”. When the project was finished and the scientists started the new one, Dr. Rice decided to destroy the children-mutants but the nurse saved the lives of many of them.

Ghost in the Shell

In fact, some of the latest Science Fiction movies in English 2017 were based on the bestsellers, just like this one. This film represents the story of a woman from the near future – she is a cyborg super soldier created for war. But, instead, she decides to learn more about her own past life.

Wonder Woman

This American superhero movie was based on the comics of DC and for the very first time, it follows the whole story of Princess Diana and how she becomes a Wonder Woman. The story is set in the early 20th century when Princess Diana suddenly meets the pilot from the United States named Steve after the airplane accident he survived in. Diana has lived on the island for a few years and the day she meets Steve changes her life – he tells her about current events happening all around the world, World War I and about people trying to survive these difficult times. For the very first time in her life, Diana leaves her home to be able to go to London and end the war by becoming Wonder Woman.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

This film became the final role for Carrie Fisher. The movie, being an honor for our list of newly released Sci-Fi movies 2017, is scheduled to be released in the theaters in the middle of December 2017. Even if we are still not aware of what it is all about, we already got the confirmed information about the sequel to this one coming out at the end of May 2019.

The Discovery

The movie follows the main events happening right after a scientist successfully proves that there is an afterlife, increasing the number of people who would like to commit suicide. His son meets a girl on a ferry boat saying her she looks pretty familiar to him. Afterward, the couple discovers lots of unexpected moments about their lives.


The last movie on our TOP 10 modern Sci-Fi movies of 2017 was created by Russia cinematography. According to the plot, this is the story about Valentin and his daughter Yulia who seems to have romantic relationships with the alien called Hekon. He represents a new humanoid race that has arrived at Earth for a particular purpose connected to the science experiments. Meanwhile, Russian Air Force accidentally damaged their own ship which causes the big chaos – it destroyed several buildings in Moscow and killed millions of people, slowly erasing the city from the map.

List of TOP 10 english Sci-Fi movies 2017
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