Battle of the Sexes official release date


The most visited match in the history of the United States was called “Battle of the Sexes”. It was a tennis match between B. Riggs and B. King. We will talk about the movie based on that game that will come out in 2017. In the topic below, you will find all known information on film adaptation including the answer to the main question: “When is Battle of the Sexes movie release date 2017?”

Show must go on

People are able to turn even the most serious events into a show, let alone a match between the genders. They decided to reveal on the court which of the sexes is stronger and worthy of being called a Champion. Riggs went to the court in a wheelchair with a team of half-naked models, dressed in a golden suit like Sugar Daddy. And before that, on the court stepped Billy King. She appeared before the public in the costume of Queen Cleopatra. In general, all this looks like a modern wrestling show.

Battle of the Sexes movie

If the authors wanted to make the film Battle of the sexes sporty, then they would have filmed the third and the most important battle of sexes, in which really great athletes – J. Connors and M. Navratilova met. So the confrontation of the sexes is tennis games that were held across the genders, but the authors chose the only one where She won, which should show the main message of the picture: both sexes are equal, should get equal opportunities in realizing their potential.

In the USA, Battle of the Sexes official release date in 2017 is scheduled for September 22.


The confrontation of the sexes is a battle between B. Riggs – a funny provocateur, and B. King – tennis player, one of the most titled in history. According to King, she could not lose that game because if this happen then about equality could be forgotten. How the authors of the film will shoot the active rumors that Riggs’ loss is due not so much to bad form (The first similar competition was held six months before this event. In this battle, Riggs easily won Margaret Kurt. This athlete was considered stronger than King), but huge debts, which he covered thanks to the bet against himself? It will be interesting to see.

Release date

Battle of the Sexes DVD release date is not known. The estimated date for release is December 2017.

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