Playmobil official release date

Did you know that Playmobil, the mighty company known for making toys for the little ones, is about to be immortalized by Hollywood? That’s right – there’s a brand-new animated movie coming, and it’s going to be nothing short of an epic blockbuster. Let’s see when is Playmobil movie release date 2019, shall we? It will arrive in the United States on January 18, 2019. The folks in the UK will have to wait until February 10th.

The Italians, in turn, will only get a chance to check it out on March 6th. Mr. Lino DiSalvo is both the screenwriter and the director on this project. This man has been on the forefront of the industry for decades, which is why we’re 100% sure he’s the right pick for the job. A few years back, he worked on the insanely popular Frozen film (the most successful animated movie ever).

The Hollywood Machine Is Locked And Loaded

The cast is not available yet, but rumors claim some big names will be involved with this film. One thing is certain: it’s going to be a funny family comedy that mixes action and adventure together to deliver a “joy ride” both for the grownups and the kiddos. Open Road Films will take care of distribution, which automatically means this is going to be a major worldwide event.

Playmobil poster

As for the Playmobil DVD release date, it’s set to hit the shelves early summer/later autumn 2019. By the way, this brand is pretty huge: overall, they’ve made almost three billion (!) figures in 100+ countries across the world. Yes, it’s one of the biggest toy brands in history, and the movie will be just as grandiose (the estimated budget is 80 million US dollars).

All Your Favorite Toys On The Big Screen

The head honcho of the distribution company claims that the production team has created a funny, exciting and original story that will conquer the hearts and minds of millions of folks around the globe. Come to think of it, an animated movie is a perfect choice for a toy-making giant. If you still remember your favorite toys from the childhood years, nostalgia at the premiere is guaranteed!

They say that if this project proves to be successful, the bosses will most likely turn it into a franchise. The Playmobil official release date in 2019 is set and done, ladies and gentlemen, and it most likely will stick. It’s been in the works for a while and the team still has some time to perfect it. Animated movies these days are insanely popular. Playmobil has a wonderful opportunity to hit the jackpot with the big-screen debut and spread their influence even further.

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