Puss in Boots 2 official release date

The sword, spurs, hat and charming look of a real macho, perhaps, perfectly describe the main character of the new cartoon “Pus in Boots 2: Nine Lives and Forty Thieves.” Life of the Cat in boots is full of different events, he, like a real gentleman cannot pass a beautiful lady, and where women – there problems. The main character is waiting for fascinating chases, dangerous fights, intrigues and other adventures. The cat in boots will be able to find true friends and will acquire numerous enemies who will in every way destroy its far-reaching plans. In the article below, you will find all necessary information about the movie including the answer to question: “When is Puss in Boots 2 movie release date 2021?”


On November 2012, the executive producer of the picture Guillermo del Toro said about the beginning of work on the continuation. At the same time, he mentioned that script outline have already been made, and director Chris Miller would like to send the cat on a journey to exotic places.

Puss in Boots

In on April 2014 interview, Antonio Banderas, voicing the main character, said that working on the picture only started, and later announced the restructuring of the script. Later it was reported that due to the new studio policy, according to which only two animation projects will be released in a year, changes in the release schedule are possible. At the moment, Puss in Boots 2 official release date in 2021 is scheduled for the second part of the year.


The main character of the film “Puss in Boots 2: Nine Lives and Forty Thieves” has no empty moments, every day is a new fascinating story. Now the Cat in boots goes on a long fascinating journey, but on the way he will meet forty robbers who inspire fear and horror to all the inhabitants of these places. It is good that the cat has nine lives, which will be useful to him after meeting with numerous insidious robbers. The Puss always used his natural charm, but in this case it will not be useful to him. Now the protagonist will be forced to use his sword, the only way he can save his life and protect his friends. How the meeting of the cat in boots with evil robbers ends?

Release date

In the United States, Puss in Boots 2 DVD release date is planned for December 2021.

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