Sgt. Stubby An American official release date


Can an animal really be a soldier? Can a dog become a national hero for its bravery and valiance at war? Yes, it can! Sgt. Stubby is the one and the only dog in the history of the United States to be promoted to a sergeant. Thanks to its efforts, numerous wounded soldiers were taken to safety, and they owe it their lives.

Ok, let’s see when is Sgt. Stubby An American Hero movie release date 2018.  It’s set to hit the theaters in America in the middle of spring – April 13, 2018, to be exact. Same goes for the United Kingdom. The rest of the world will have to wait for a couple of weeks to check this new heart-wrencher out. That’s right: even though this is a family animated movie, there will be enough episodes when you’ll shed a tear or two.

Not Just Another Army Dog

Stubby follows the events of WW1 and the heroic actions of the young and inexperienced US soldiers. History knows them as one of the most courageous human beings in history, and this dog was fighting the enemy side by side with them. It served the country for 1, 5 years and participated in as much as 17 battles.

Sgt. Stubby and his master

It (or, rather, he) saved his teammates from terrifying gas attacks, and fought the Germans every way he could. It’s about time someone decided to make a movie about this war hero! The members of the regiment loved and respected the dog and considered him to be a brother in arms. The Sgt. Stubby An American Hero DVD release date is late summer/early autumn 2018. It’s just a year away from now.

Surviving The Horrors Of War

The story follows the dog’s arrival at the 102nd Regiment. WW1 is supposed to be the greatest war in history and put an end to bloodshed once and for all. Robert is just a newbie, a young kid training day and night to become a worthy soldier. One day, a funny and agile dog comes into the camp. Both their lives change completely after their fateful meeting. Robert names the dog Stubby, and together with the rest of the regiment, they rush into the heat of the battle, trying to be heroes.

They never even had the time to learn the basics of interaction, but they don’t really need that. The two act as one, and soon end up in the trenches somewhere on the French front. There, they meet a kind-hearted local soldier and join his effort to crush the enemy’s ranks. The journey proves to be extremely rough, but by trusting each other, they make it out of the hell hole alive. If you love touching and thought-provoking family movies, make sure to check it out when the Sgt. Stubby An American Hero official release date in 2018 arrives.

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