List of best Animation movies 2017

Fun fact: back in the 20th century, we didn’t even have animation movies, to begin with. However, in the modern-day world, this genre provides one of the biggest blockbusters in the world. And that is why we made this TOP 10 best new Animation movies 2017 list: to get you updated on all the best titles that will be dominating the theaters this year. Get your mood right, grab a nice big bowl, fill it with popcorn and let’s talk about animated movies.


Miguel, the main character of this fascinating story, has a big dream: he wants to become a renowned musician, just like his hero, de la Cruz. At the same time, his big old family has a ban on music of all kinds and sorts, so, it’s gonna be more than difficult for the fella to break through all the obstacles and reach his goal. He’s pretty much in a desperate state when he ends up in the scary yet fascinating Land of the Dead. Hector, a joyful magician, joins his cause, and together the newly-found friends embark on an exciting journey to find out the real truth about Miguel’s family’s “relationship” with music.

The Croods 2

Do you remember the first Croods movie that came out in 2013? It was quite a pleasing tale; so, make sure to check the sequel out when it comes out! The movie is supposed to hit the theaters on December 22 – mark that date on your calendar. The story follows a lovely family of hard-working cavemen as they search for a new place to call home while the majority of their friends are dying around them. Big adventures, even bigger obstacles, fun, love, hate, and everything in between await you in The Croods 2. Put it on your list of best Animation movies 2017 and let’s go on.

The Croods 2

My Little Pony: The Movie

Ponyville is once again in danger: there’s a new dark enemy that threatens to destroy everything that the community has been working for. The Mane 6 – a team of best friends – sets off on a life-changing journey beyond their home and comes across new allies, blood-rushing challenges and scary dark forces on a quest to defeat its foes and to use the all-conquering magic of true friendship to bring peace and quiet back to Ponyville. If you’ve got a couple of smart and inquisitive kids, take them to My Little Pony: The Movie – they’ll love it!

The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature

The adorable Surly Squirrel and his team of crazy animal friends are back on the big screen. They need to come together and join their forces in order to save the park – the place they call home – and to make sure nobody messes with it ever again. This is the sequel to the 2014 blockbuster and promises even more fun, action, hilarious dialogues and a very kind, warm, thought-provoking message that will be appreciated both by the parents and their kids. Definitely one of the TOP 10 best Animation movies of 2017 to watch.

Spark: A Space Tail

Spark is a smart, funny and gifted teenager on a God-forgotten planet. He lives there with his best buds that’ve got his back. Roughly 13 years ago, an evil general, a villain, took over their home planet and killed his family, forcing the kid to hide in Beta. And now he’s back for more: the ruthless and delusional moron is planning to erase the entire Cosmos with the help of a horrendous monster that consumes everything on its way. The kid is the only one who can stop the madman. Spark is a marvelous movie with a great sense of humor and a grand adventure for the little ones.

Smurfs: The Lost Village

The dashing Smurfette and her bruvs are rushing through the hazardous Enchanted Forest hoping to locate a legendary village, a mysterious settlement. They need to find it before a brutal wizard, their biggest foe, gets his hands on it. The sequel will give answers to a series of big questions, like “Why are all the Smurfs blue?”, “Are there any red, green or white Smurfs out there?”, “Why is the Smurfette the only girl around?” and “Are their magnificent houses alive?” Smurfs: The Lost Village has just hit the theaters, which makes it one of the best TOP 10 best recent Animation movies.

Godzilla: Monster Planet

We all know who Godzilla is, right? It’s a huge, God-like creature that destroys everything that stands in its way. You can’t kill it – only try to hide from it. As for Godzilla: Monster Planet, it’s the first animated movie that’s heavily based on the world-famous Japanese kaiju, which means it’s gonna be an epic journey for all of us. And, given the fact that Godzilla is one of the most favorite monsters of our time, this movie might just be one of the biggest hits of 2017.

Godzilla: Monster Planet

Oscar Wilde’s the Canterville Ghost

If you love spooky movies about ghosts that haunt their homes and terrorize the living souls, take a look at this fine film. Sir Canterville has been “lurking around” in his gorgeous mansion in Canterville Chase for more than 30 decades, and he’s not planning on stopping. He has been scaring every single dweller off with ease. However, when a peculiar family from the United States moves in, everything changes. This is most certainly one of the TOP 10 best modern Animation films 2017 – you just wait and see!

Oscar Wilde's the Canterville Ghost

Paddington 2

The first chapter created a lot of international buzz and became a huge commercial success, and that’s exactly why Paddington 2 is now well on its way. The cute and charming bear will steal our hearts and minds once again later this year – hide your marmalade! It’s safe to say that the sequel will be just as funny, action-packed, touching and moving as the first movie in the series. We don’t always get kind, heart-warming and uplifting movies that we can enjoy with our kids. Therefore, Paddington 2 is a must-watch this year.

Paddington 2

Resident Evil: Vendetta

This story is set right between the events of Resident Evil 6 and the recent Resident Evil 7 (the video games). The fans of the franchise will be happy to learn what happened after the RE 6 finale and will most certainly welcome the legendary characters like Chris, Leon, and Rebecca. If you’re also a sucker for the Biohazard series, watch this movie before you launch RE 7. Ok, ladies and gentlemen, this is our answer to your question – what is the best Animation movies in 2017? We really hope you enjoyed our list! Stay tuned for more.

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