List of TOP 10 english Animation movies 2017

Do you want to watch new cartoons that were already out in 2017? Then welcome our TOP 10 new english Animation movies 2017!

We have collected for you the best cartoons shot by famous animators. They will entice you and your kids into the magical world of amazing adventures and fairy-tale characters. Also, they will raise the mood and help to escape from routine everyday life.

List of TOP 10 english Animation movies 2017

  1. Gekijo-ban Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale

The cartoon will tell us a story about the new machine Augma and online game.

Gekijo-ban Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale

  1. Spark: A Space Tail

It is an animation about the teen monkey Spark, who undertakes to overthrow the tyrant who captured his planet and dreams of universal power. With a help of friend, he has to go on a dangerous journey.

  1. Smurfs: The Lost Village

The colorful, familiar story from childhood about the Smurfs, which restarted this year, tells us the story of the only girl in the family – Smurfette. Wandering about her destiny, the girl decides to go in search of the mysterious village. She will be helped in this by her best friends.

The guys have a long, dangerous path through the Forbidden Forest – a place to enter into which is afraid of all of their settlement. A mysterious map, which accidentally falls into the hands of Smurfette, will help find a right road.

The company of brave smurfs will face a lot of adventures and mysteries, waiting in unexplored places. This road is fraught with great danger because of the fact that the evil sorcerer Gargamel will get in their way, whose stop will be another goal of the adventure. In addition, friends on the results of the adventure will open one of the biggest mysteries in the history of their kind. A new full-length animated film will show a familiar story from a new perspective.

  1. The LEGO Batman Movie

Bruce always has enough work. He is guarding his native city. The hero himself chose for himself such a mission and is not going to give it up. The results of his work are visible to ordinary citizens because they can safely walk around Gotham, not being afraid for their safety.

Crime is not completely destroyed, however, bandits constantly turn around. They are afraid of revenge of the defender. At one of the social receptions, the hero meets Dick. He is going to make this guy his follower. Now the young man works in pair with Batman, having received the nickname, Robin. He shows his curiosity in everything.

The hero did not expect the sudden release of a long-time enemy from a special clinic. The Joker easily coped with a complex security system. Bloody clown attracted to his business girlfriend Harley. This maniac gathers around himself a team of the most dangerous criminals. The defenders of the world entered the New League. Batman is one of the team members now.

List of TOP 10 english Animation movies 2017

  1. Moana

The film tells about the adventures of a teenage girl, Moana, who decided to do the work of her ancestors. She spent a lot of time in her childhood at sea and learned its laws. On the ship, the girl goes in search of a mysterious island, which is not on the map.

During the journey, the girl gets acquainted with the fearless demigod Maui, with whom they have to fight against a terrible sea monster. Heroes of the tape while searching for a mysterious island are in the center of ancient legends but holding together and overcome all difficulties.

  1. Sing

Baxter is a koala, running a small theater. For the sake of art, he is ready to do anything, especially for the sake of the theater, in which he has literally put his soul. To raise the ratings and attendance of the institution, he comes up with a music contest. Baxter and his friends prepare invitations for all those who wish to participate in such a competition, simultaneously promising a considerable cash prize to the winner.

A simple accident makes the most powerful advertisement for the theater in the whole history – leaflets made by a koala fly out into the window and are carried by the wind in all directions of the city. Thus, on the day of listening to the theater is jammed. Hundreds of different animals tend to demonstrate their talent. Among them is a former criminal, and a mother with many children, pompous masters in music and just dozens of other comers.

  1. Ma vie de Courgette

Before meeting with the police officer Raymond, the fate of the main character of the touching cartoon was not the most enviable: he lived with a single mother, prone to alcoholism. Courgette confesses to the man that she loved beer, made delicious mashed potatoes and sometimes cheered him – there are no other memories for the boy.

But things got worse when the woman died. Following the law, social services direct the hero to the shelter. Before that, he is staying with Raymond. The man and the teenager quickly find a common language, but still part, because boy must be in the orphanage along with other orphans. There the youngster gets acquainted with a completely different life.

  1. Surf’s Up 2: Wave Mania

Cody Maverick always differed from most of his congeners in that he liked surfing. Penguins did not strongly support him in this hobby, but he still managed to find true friends and to realize the most cherished dream.

Together with the company of courageous and brave guys, he managed to become famous and now he wants to continue his favorite business. Not so long ago, Cody became aware of a small mysterious island that can become a favorite place for surfers, because here a huge waves. So far this is just a rumor since no one has ever been able to visit this place. Cody offers friends to go in search of a mysterious island, then to catch an incredible wave and improve their skills in surfing.

  1. Boss Baby

In the world have been published a sufficient number of training manuals, in which intelligent people describe in detail the behavior of parents towards their children. However, some children do not approach the general concept, and then this situation causes parents a headache. In one fine family, a boy was born who has the character of a rather tedious and cautious boss. The child sees in the people around him not parents and friends, but subordinates who are constantly trying to wriggle out of their direct duties. Relations with such a child are extremely difficult, but parents will have to cope with it.

  1. La tortue rouge

The protagonist of the cartoon is a man who got to an uninhabited island after a shipwreck. As soon as the hero recovered from the shock, he began to look for ways to escape.

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List of best Animation movies 2017

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