List of best Conspiracy movies 2018

We are representing out latest TOP 10 best new Conspiracy movies 2018 – the next year is truly full of surprises as we are going to conjure up our memories and watch brand new sequels of well-known franchises. Moreover, there are several projects that are absolutely new to us but their flawless storyline and cast promise them a big future and acceptance from the viewers. So, what are these action conspiracy movies that are scheduled for its next year release?

10. COPS

This upcoming conspiracy film is the brand new adaptation of well-known American TV series of the same name. The genre of the original film series is a documentary with a little bit of action and even drama as it follows several police officers and other people we got used to calling protectors of the law. The original idea of creating this project is to relive the vibes of the theme song that is recognizable all over the world. Moreover, the creators of the movie have decided to insert multiple comedy elements to the storyline of the film.

COPS poster

9. Conspiracy

Moving on to another upcoming film from the TOP 10 best recent Conspiracy movies that bring back the events happened on September 11th, 2001 and focuses on the casual life after the disastrous day in World Trade Center in NYC exactly ten years later. The project tries to reveal the history and motives of the biggest world’s conspiracies. Moreover, there is a mysterious video being on the high levels of all the American governments and only a few people know the real significance of that file.

An elite team of the FBI agents decides to take the situation under their control and find those responsible figures. This is the dangerous operation with hidden secrets, the race against the time, and potential threat but it also perfectly shows on which side of the world’s history each and every one is.

8. April 29, 1992

The title of the movie, as well as the storyline, relates to the 1992 events happening on the streets of Los Angeles caused by local riots. It represents the story of a criminal man that makes an attempt to save the life of his beloved son as he is in danger due to the strange group of people raid the place where his father works. As it was said, it is related to the 1992 events happening from the end of April till May the 4th when there were multiple demonstrations on the LA streets having a racial base. The conflict was caused by a jury that acquitted four police officers that previously beat a dark-skinned taxi driver.

7. Den of Thieves

Another movie from the list of best Conspiracy 2018 is a heist one focusing on the thief that suddenly gets trapped between two groups of dangerous and influential criminals as he was creating his own plan in order to rob the local bank. In summer 2016 it was officially announced that Scottish actor Gerard Butler would take the participation in the movie portraying one of the leading characters which can be perfectly seen in the trailer of this upcoming film. The principal photography of the whole project finally started at the end of January 2017 after several preparations that had taken a few months.

6. Sherlock Holmes 3

Behind one of the biggest world’s premiers, there are lots of rumors as there is still nothing that has been confirmed by the moviemakers. We are still unaware of the plot of the film, although we know it has the straight connection to the one released in 2011 with Robert Downey Jr. portraying the main character. In fact, between the film that came out in 2011 and the upcoming one the well-known actor has played Iron Man so many times which also included his cooperation with another actor portraying Sherlock Holmes, as well as the ones portraying Watson – Ben Kingsley and Martin Freeman.

5. Ocean’s Eight

Top 10 best Conspiracy movies of 2018 to watch represents another Warner Bros. project. It is 2018, the summer and there will be a few well-known female figures in the subway all being respected in the Hollywood movies industry. And this is how Sandra Bullock creates a perfect crew of all time with the most influential members of the movie industry.

4. The Happytime Murders

In fact, this upcoming film unites a few genres and unexpectedly shows the puppetry genre from the different perspective. In this movie, they are living alongside humans but belong to the second class caste. The plot itself focuses on the story of a puppet that used to be a cop in the past. His new personal investigation is related to the dangerous serial killer that murdered his own brother and now his new target is several members of the popular television series.

The murders continue and the main character realizes that the next person on the list of the killer is his crash. To be able to find the murderer himself, the main character has to team up with the detective being his close friend in order to finally end the investigation that brings back to many resentments from the past.

3. The Irishman

Our Top 10 best Conspiracy movies of 2018 to watch represents this project focusing on the man thinking about his possible involvement in the murder of the man known as Jimmy Hoffa.

2. Kill Bill: Vol. 3

Martial art film starring Uma Thurman. In 2015 Tarantino first announced that he finally wanted to focus on creating the sequel to the whole franchise. He also added that in this movie he would like to give the main female character more peace and time to spend with her daughter – that is the reason why there is such a big gap between second and third installment. Tarantino has had an idea of waiting for both characters and actors getting a little bit old, mature so that they can resonate.

1. Bad Boys For Life

When it comes to discussing the common topic, what is the best Conspiracy movies in 2018, the viewer should be captivated by this movie following the adventures of two friends who are the detectives belonging to local police in Miami. The movie unites action, comedy and a little bit of a drama but the last one is turned out to be just a touchable moment between characters that Will Smith turns into a joke.

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