List of best Heist movies 2018

How fast to get rich? There is a way proven by generations – robbery. Frankly, the adventurers are waiting for a variety of troubles and obstacles on the rocky road to the treasured bag of money. Which ones – everyone can see in TOP 10 best Heist movies of 2018 to watch.

Let’s go!

List of best Heist 2018

  1. Ocean’s Eight

Who said that big money, robberies, and serious firefights are risky men’s games? A woman who dreams to forget the past as soon as possible and enjoy freedom, is also capable of much, for the sake of a luxurious life. Adrenaline, as well as the desire to have everything and more, has become a distinctive feature of Ocean.

Danny Ocean, coming out of prison, just a day later was halfway, which led to the robbery of the century. He quickly gathered the team and began to develop a brilliant plan. His sister Debbie is also a robber. Most recently, she was released from “unhappy place” and was immediately taken by the idea of a new robbery.

She plans to steal necklace at the charity evening Met Gala. To implement her plan into action, she needs helpers. It remains to decide where to take the accomplices, who can be trusted. Soon, Debbie will begin to implement her brilliant plan.

  1. American Animals

The movie will tell about the boldest robbery in the US history.

American Animals - working process

  1. The Hurricane Heist

A robbery in Hurricane is in the TOP 10 best modern Heist films 2018.

A group of cybercriminals is preparing a big robbery. The object of their attack should be the mint. The robbery was prepared very carefully because a large amount of money is at stake. Only meteorological reports are not taken into account – Category 5 hurricane is a significant obstacle.

In the coastal city is panic, authorities are busy evacuating residents in connection with the approaching natural disaster.

In the city, there are three people – a meteorologist, an employee of the treasury, and a sailor. Only they can resist robbery.

The Hurricane Heist promo

  1. Vault

The movie unfolds in 1975. The small group of thieves steals $30 million from the mafia. It is one of the biggest heists.

  1. Robin Hood

An ordinary guy cannot bear the inequality that exists in his kingdom. Poor people are literally forced to survive and cannot affect the situation in any way. Robin Hood is not happy with this state of affairs and dreams of changing it. However, it is impossible to do this by legal means, and then he decides on a desperate act – to organize a group that would rob rich people and makes gold distributed among the needy. However, it is difficult for him to assemble a team of like-minded people who would share his interests with him. He decides to act alone but his first robberies are unsuccessful, at one point he almost loses his life. This has taught him a cardinal lesson and now he clearly understands that he needs to act together with the same people as he was. He begins to recruit his settlement in order to select people whom he could trust. After that, he goes to the Sherwood Forest, where the road passes, through which all the richest people of his kingdom are passing by.

  1. Heavy Hit

It is the middle of the TOP 10 best recent Heist movies.

It is a story of big robbery, intrigues, love triangles and much more. Will the main characters be able to steal money and find peace in their relationships?

Heavy Hit promo


  1. Padre

The movie centers on a padre who is involved in the big robbery.

  1. Old Man and the Gun

Forrest Tucker is already a middle-aged man, who never stays in one place. Almost all his life the old man was engaged in an extremely risky career. He thought out clever schemes, which took into account all the moves and exits, and then committed brilliant robberies of the country’s largest financial structures. On his account, there are a lot of bank vaults and safes.

Tucker managed to visit places of detention, but not for long. While in prison, he thought over a detailed scheme of his escape. In addition to law enforcement agencies, private detectives hunted for a talented robber who wanted to significantly increase their rating and enrich themselves for catching such an elusive criminal.

But the favorite hobby of the attacker was drawing, which he was engaged in, thinking through another scam. By the way, now he is working on the most beautiful scenery and enjoying the last days of rest before the big robbery.

  1. Den of Thieves

The action of the crime movies unfolds in sunny Los Angeles. Professional and experienced bank robber Nick Flanagan plans to rob an impregnable bank located near the police station. There are a lot of difficulties here: a complex alarm system and a secret code on the safe door. However, Nick’s plan is so scrupulous that he takes into account even the smallest details up to the time of arrival of the police, who just need to cross the road. In general, by collecting a team of robbers and telling to his partners, what they should do, Nick Flanagan set a date. It would seem that the professionalism of the robber has won over the law and the banking system, it remains only to come and take what is desired. But it happens only in movies. In life, there is always a place for misunderstanding, however, it does not matter. In the midst of an operation, it turns out that today another gang of robbers went to rob the bank. Here all fun begins.

  1. Museo

It is the number one of the TOP 10 best new Heist movies 2018.

It was Christmas Eve in 1985, Mexico City, and none of the 8 guards noticed the robbers who made their way to the museum in the dead of night. Why did they manage it so easily? The whole thing was in the security system, which was broken for THREE YEARS before the robbery. The robbers took about 140 artifacts related to the Mayan and Aztec ages, one of the largest collections in the world! Disappearance was discovered only the next day when the museum staff saw that the glass in the seven display cases had been carefully removed. The total cost of stolen items is $20 million.

Gael García Bernal and Leonardo Ortizgris in Museo

The compilation draws to a close.

We hope it answered the question – what is the best Heist movies in 2018?

Thanks for watching!

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