List of best Hollywood Cartoon movies in 2017

The audience wants entertainment! The animation film industry is confidently keeping pace with the development of advanced technologies. Familiar to all of us from the earliest childhood, cartoons are gaining new traits, they are becoming more vivid, colorful, action-packed, spectacular, incredibly realistic, interesting and imaginative, and our TOP 10 best Hollywood Cartoon movies of 2017 to watch fully meet all modern trends.

You remember how respectable adults waited for the new part of Shrek, the Ice Age or Madagascar, and then discussed them in the circle of friends. Maybe it was you yourself? Jokes from these and many other cartoons have become catch phrases and firmly established in everyday life.

List of best Hollywood Cartoon movies in 2017

Today, most viewers prefer the full-featured sound and visual effects full-lengths and serials, so the new 2017 cartoons are incredibly popular. They are watched with genuine interest not only by children but also by the adult public. And really have something to see! Fantasy, adventure, fairy tales, comedies and even horror cartoon movies! They decorate our frail being, bring joy, allow an adult to feel like a carefree child, make children’s lives harmonious, teach them good and encourage them to know our world.

List of best Hollywood Cartoon movies in 2017

  1. Spark: A Space Tail

The insidious General Zhong, who has already captured a dozen different civilizations, does not think about stopping his activities. The villain, surrounded by devoted followers, travels through space and captures new planets. And if earlier they tried to rebuff him, now this is no longer happening: an ambitious tyrant managed to subordinate to his will a powerful being whose abilities are not fully known to anyone. It is rumored that Zhong’s Kraken can create a black hole anywhere in the universe, so rulers of other civilizations do not want to risk the lives of their people and give up without a fight.

The last who tried to resist Zhong were the inhabitants of the glorious planet Bana. But for their courage they were punished by the villain – their native planet was destroyed. Survived only units, among which the main character Spark – a monkey-teenager who decides to take revenge against Zhong and stop him forever. For the sake of this goal, the brave boy joins forces with two comrades – the fox and the turtle. The three of them have to go through a lot of adventures, but friends are sure that they will cope with everything and stop the spiteful general!

  1. Ma vie de Courgette

A touching animation about a shy boy, nicknamed “Courgette”, who remains alone after the death of his drinking mother. An orphan is identified in the orphanage, where he meets children who have also suffered from disobedient parents. Perhaps, united by a similar grief, they will finally be able to know, what happiness is.

  1. La tortue rouge

Traveling by sea, the young man was in the epicenter of the storm. The weather spoils so much that the main character of the cartoon bears certain losses. There is nothing left of the boat, but the man, despite many trials, managed to survive. Soon he was on the island, where he was borne by the current.

After a thorough examination of the terrain, the victim did not find any traces of the presence of other people. He still had a hope of salvation, so the hero started building a raft. Work was already approaching the end, but the process was interrupted by a huge turtle. The reptile completely destroyed the raft. The man fell into despair: he is angry at fate, nature and a stupid turtle. What is remarkable, the turtle interferes every time in the life of the hero when he tries to leave the island. The animation is included in the TOP 10 latest Hollywood Cartoon movies 2017 because it was already released.

  1. Surf’s Up 2: WaveMania

Cody and Lani settled on their own island and taught children surfing. The life of the main character of the cartoon begins to change after he saves the life of Chicken Joe. With his fervent speeches, he makes Cody think about something more than just tutoring. Soon the members of the Hang-5 team, known worldwide as the best surfers, arrive on the island. They have so many daring and dangerous tricks that Cody immediately flares up with the desire to join the athletes. And he has a real chance to do it because surfers are looking for a new member of the team. As a result, Cody becomes part of the Hang-5 and together go to a mysterious island, near which they can catch a huge wave. Heroes will have to face many obstacles: they will overcome their fears and learn from their own experience that the most important thing is to learn how to work in a team.

  1. Smurfs: The Lost Village

In the village Smurfette considers herself unnecessary. To find her destiny, the heroine decides to leave her native village. Together with faithful friends, she goes to meet uncertainty. Their path lies through the Magic Forest. Here friends meet many dangers and evil sorcerer Gargamel. Running away from the villain, the heroes will find the answer to the greatest secret of their origin. The cartoon is also included in the TOP 10 latest released Hollywood Cartoon films 2017 because it was released at the beginning of April 2017.

Smurfs: The Lost Village

  1. Moana

A colorful and interesting cartoon takes us thousands of years ago, talking about those times when not only ordinary people lived on Earth, but also real Gods! Often these supernatural beings fell in love with earthly women. After such unusual unions, the demigods were born – not ordinary people, but also not real deities.

The main plot unfolds on several small islets located somewhere in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Here lives a small tribe, leading a quiet lifestyle, deprived of quarrels and conflicts. Despite ancient times, local residents already have their own legends. According to one of such stories, which young Moana has known since childhood, somewhere in the endless waters of the ocean is a mysterious island filled with untold riches. As explained in the legend, find this place can only one in whose veins the royal blood flows.

Probably, that’s why the story so attracts the attention of the young heroine, because she is the daughter of the leader, and therefore, can find a treasure. Once an unruly girl decides to realize an old dream, and at the same time check out the ancient legend. She escapes from the house and goes to meet adventures. Leaving the island in the company of her faithful pig, Moana meets a strong man named Maui, who appears to be a demigod and offers help…

  1. The Boss Baby

In the center of events is Tim, who lives with his parents on the outskirts of a small town. The life of the protagonist of the animation tape was quite happy: parents bought him toys and gave his son all the free time. But recently the situation has changed – Tim has a younger brother, and he is not happy about it at all. It’s not that parents turned attention to the baby, but that he is very strange.

  1. Sing

To avoid financial collapse, Buster and his friend Eddie come up with a vocal competition hoping to find bright talents. Koala prepares a lot of leaflets, informing about the beginning of the competition, but his secretary makes an unfortunate mistake, pointing in the column “prize” of $ 100,000 instead of $ 1000. Then, with a strong gust of wind, all invitations are taken out of the window and carried around the city.

  1. The LEGO Batman Movie

The superhero Batman is obliged to take in team-mates the guy named Dick Grayson, whom he himself without remembering, adopted on one of the secular receptions. Newly made Robin will make Batman company in the fight against his arch-enemy Joker, who escaped from the psychiatric hospital “Arkham”

  1. Rock Dog

It is the leader of our list of Hollywood Cartoon movies 2017.

Meet, the new hero is sent to conquer the city of animals! He is the dog of Bodi, and he does not lose heart, despite everything. It’s written on his family to guard his native village from wolves, and he dreams of becoming a student of a living rock legend – a cat named Angus. However, Angus has completely different plans, and wolves lie in wait for every corner. But if you never say die, then everything is in your paws!

So our TOP 10 new holly Cartoon movies end now.

Thank you for watching!

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