List of best Hollywood Romantic movies in 2017

Love, love, love – these films about the most touchable relationships are not just for Valentine’s Day. They are great to watch with your half to see another beautiful story about the people who have gone through many things just to be together. Isn’t it adorable when two hearts in love try to be together and go through all the emotions ever existed and known to the human being? So what are TOP 10 latest Hollywood Romantic movies 2017 that are the most expected?

New year’s resolutions are ready to surprise the lovers of Hollywood romantic films as they may have already noticed that some very famous actors are going to take a part in the biggest projects. Among them are Emma Watson in the most expected franchise, Luke Evans, Dakota Johnson, Rachel Weisz, Nick Robinson, Patrick Schwarzenegger and so on. So what are these movies that have already been scheduled for the biggest 2017 release?

Beauty and the Beast

Everyone knows the story about the girl who broke the spell so the Beast turned out to be beautiful Prince. Many years ago, selfish and narcissistic prince Adam was turned into a Beast by Agata – an enchantress and sorceress who offered him a rose being a beggar lady. To be able to break the spell he had to learn how to love the others and be kind and earn that in return just before the last petal from the given to him rose falls. Otherwise, Adam and his servants will lose their chance to become humans. The film united many great actors such as:

  • Emma Watson;
  • Dan Stevens;
  • Luke Evans;
  • Ewan McGregor and others.

Beauty and the Beast

Tulip Fever

British-American movie about the love between young painter and a woman married to mean person. Her husband Cornelis is trying to investigate why his wife always disappears until he finds out that she fell in love with the artist he hired before to make a portrait of his beloved wife Sophia. However, young artist Jan Van Loos and his new love are doing everything to leave their past life and build happy future. On our TOP 10 new holly Romantic movies, we also prepared some interesting facts about this project, such as:

  • The movie should’ve been started filming in 2004 and Keira Knightley and Jude Law should’ve played the main roles – Sophia and Jan respectively. However, they had a chance to share the stage whilst making a movie Anna Karenina in 2012.
  • The plot follows the heroes in Netherlands. However, the set of the film was in the UK and had no Dutch actors.

My Cousin Rachel

An American and British movie with Rachel Weisz. The plot is based on a novel written by Daphne du Maurier in 1951 and is about young man Philip falling in love with the cousin. She pretends to take the best care of him as she has only her egoistic interests. However, Philip is trying so hard to deny that fact. Among that, they both discover some new things about each other’s past life, love and other things hidden. They wish it never be opened but it is too late.

Everything, Everything

If you have watched the trailer to this film you probably know why this film is on our list of Hollywood Romantic movies 2017. It proves that love has neither boundaries nor distances. The project was based on the novel of the same name debuted by Nicola Yoon in 2015. The story concentrates on young girl Madeline. She has SCID (severe combined immunodeficiency) so that it is dangerous to her to go outside.

Her mother takes care of her and adapted the house to the daughter’s needs. She also hired a physician who seems to be the first person trying to teach Madeline how to love life. Instead, she falls in love with her next-door new friend and escapes from the house.

The Space Between Us

The film is about a near future and Gardner Elliot – the 16 years-old boy and the first person born on Mars. His mother died while giving him a birth being on a mission to colonize Mars. Elliot is a highly intelligent boy and since his born, he has met only 14 persons. One day he makes a decision to find out more about his mother and receives the access to the ship his mother flew in. Elliot discovers some of her personal things such as USB drive with a video.

He plays that video and sees his mother with a man so that he thinks he can potentially be his father. Meanwhile, he seems to fall in love with an Earth-girl from Colorado.

Lost in Florence

Another film on our TOP 10 best Hollywood Romantic movies of 2017 to watch had had the title “The Tourist” before it was officially changed. The story follows a man Eric who is a former star in American football in college. To be able to forget about his unsuccessful past he travels to Italy to visit his cousin Anna. She has lived there for some time, learned the language and teaches the Italian language to people who decided to move to Italy. Meanwhile, Eric teaches how to play Florentine sport and, apparently, falls in love with a local woman.

The Lovers

The scenario follows a couple that has been married for quite long so their feelings are now cold. However, when each of them finds a love on the side the spark and old passion between them seem to reborn again.

Midnight Sun

On our TOP 10 latest released Hollywood Romantic films 2017 is American movie starring Patrick Schwarzenegger and Bella Thorne. This romantic drama is also based on a Japanese movie 2006 with the same name. The plot follows a girl being sensitive to a sunlight so that she can’t go outside – only when it is night. One day, she falls in love with a guy who, just like her, lives for music.

The Discovery

Scientist Thomas succeeds at proving the fact that there is a life after death. However, the existence of an afterlife, unfortunately, led to the big number of people attempting suicides. But even in this world, in a few years, the son of Thomas seems to fall in love with a girl and bring the world back its happiness and love.

How To Talk to Girls at Parties

And the last film on our list of best Hollywood Romantic movies in 2017 starring Elle Fanning and Nicole Kidman. This science fiction comedy includes some comedy parts and is based on a story written by Neil Gaiman. It follows a few young British guys who attend the party to be able to make new friends – new girls. But they find out that the female gender is quite different from their own expectations.

How To Talk to Girls at Parties

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