List of best Paranormal movies to watch

Horror, as well as multiple paranormal, movies, are always popular among young people. The modern ones are considered to be the scariest ones due to the visual effects and opportunities of modern technologies. However, a few old ones became some classic iconic horror and paranormal movies becoming the base for the modern films. We are representing out recent TOP 10 best Paranormal movies for all time mostly known for its unusual plot and the atmosphere.

Katie Featherston in Paranormal Activity

10. The Woman in Black (2012)

British film starring Danielle Radcliffe portraying the guy who comes to the village in order to live in a huge house that later reveals its darkest secrets. The house is put on sale and the man should check all the documents but he always becomes distracted by weird noises coming from the upstairs.

9. The Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death (2015)

She never forgives and always comes back. The woman. The woman in black. This British movie from the latest TOP 10 best Paranormal movies for families tells the story of the schoolchildren being forced to live in the old house with the ghost inside.

8. Rings (2017)

Psychological movie in the style of classic horror franchise “Rings” that originally comes from Japanese cinematography. This time the film focuses on the couple who watch the cursed video as they find themselves continuing the “tail”. It is a part of the experiment the college professor starts with his students but it seems to kill them – after watching the tape there is a phone call saying “Seven Days” which means the one who watched it dies in seven days.

7. Sinister (2012)

Once you see him… nothing can save you.

The movie tells the story about the family that just moved to the new house – later on, in the attic, the man finds a box full of multiple footages belonging to the family that lived in the house before. The found films appear to be real murder footages that reveal the ways different members of the previous family die by the unseen man holding the camera – the man can only see his reflection.

This project appearing on the list of best Paranormal movies to watch also touches a little bit of history as the main character tries to find the significance of the symbol he has seen in the movies. But it sure seems like his own family is in danger now.

Have you seen him yet?

6. The Exorcist (1973)

The mother of all modern horror movies starring Max von Sydow. It is the adaptation of the novel released in 1971 that was actually inspired by the true events earlier in 1949. The film itself focuses on the story of a successful actress and her young daughter who after playing with Ouija board begin behaving weirdly. The both girls go to the doctors but they don’t find any suspicious diseases.

The doctors, however, believe the young teenager is possessed and give the permission to perform an exorcism that doesn’t seem to be very simple as the demon doesn’t let them do it.

5. The Hatred (2017)

The movie follows four female college students who head on to the new house of their professor to look after his daughter. In the beginning of the film from the TOP 10 best Paranormal movies to watch the viewer sees the story about the family that previously lived in that house. There is an American woman, German man being one of the favoritesoldiers of Hitler and their daughter. She is not allowed to hang out with friends and go to town as her father doesn’t allow her doing that saying no one allowed to be on this land.

Later on, he kills her and hides the body in the wall of the house. He later dies due to the dangerous chemicals he uses for plants and his wife seeing that lets him die. Afterward, she goes away from the house.

When the young women arrive they find the room belonging to Alice that later reveals herself as a ghost saying “Daddy will be angry if he sees you”.

4. Insidious Franchise (2010-2018)

American horror film series that contain three already released installments and the one that is scheduled to be released in 2018. The first two paranormal installments being focused on the married couple as they find out about supernatural abilities of their son that gets the connection with ghosts and other creatures from another world.

In an astral place, the family is attacked by ghosts as all they want the most is to take their lives. To be able to help the family, they invite demonologists and one of them known as Elise who sees the demonic figure of the young boy in the bedroom who seems to be trapped in the astral world begging for help.

3. Paranormal Activity Franchise (2007-2015)

This American horror film series from the TOP 10 best modern Paranormal films is made of five independent installments and one spin-off. All the films from the whole well-known paranormal installment are focused on the life of the family that gets haunted by a dangerous demon slowly terrifying and killing its members.

All movies are represented in the “found footage” style which means that it was “recorded” on security cameras on the one belonging to the characters of a particular installment. The very first film was officially released in 2006 and focused on the story of a young couple recently moving to their new house. Soon the girl realizes she and her boyfriend are followed by the demon that, according to next installments, has been living with the girl since she was born.

2. The Conjuring (2013)

It is believed that the movie is based on the real story of two paranormal investigators – everything starts with the married couple being invited to the university to represent their recent case connected to Annabelle doll. There they are found by a desperate woman begging for help. The couple agrees to take on the case and soon arrives at the house of the family.

It is known that the family has bought this house quite recently but starting from the very first night they started experiencing paranormal activities. The clock always stops at 3:07 AM which, as the investigation goes by and they get through the house history, is the time when Bathsheba killed herself at 3:07 AM and sacrificed her baby to the devil saying that anyone who lives on her land will be cursed. Later on, the investigators find out that the ghost of the Bathsheba is inside the woman who talked to them to help her family so they are forced to perform the exorcism otherwise she would have killed her children just like Bathsheba did.

1. Annabelle (2014)

If you are wondering what is the best Paranormal movies, the Annabelle franchise is definitely the most popular and breathtaking ones, especially when it comes to the very first installment. This movie is, in fact, the spin-off to the previously mentioned film and focuses more on the doll itself.

One day John gives her wife a nice doll in a white dress as a gift for the child they are expecting that will be later put in the nursery of the baby. The next night the couple becomes disturbed by their neighbors screaming and begging for help. After a few minutes, they realize the neighbors were murdered and decide to call the police but while doing that both get attacked by the killers. They manage to survive, have a nice baby and move to the apartment to avoid paranormal activities caused by the terrific doll. But it seems like it doesn’t leave the family and tries to kill them.

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