List of best Sad movies 2018

At any time of the year and no matter what the weather outside, sometimes there is a feeling to sit and watch sad movies or read the saddest books. Psychologists say that this mood is useful. After all, without knowing what is bad, we will never know what is good.

Someone is trying to cheer up with the help of comedies, and someone is crying over the sad films. We offer you TOP 10 best Sad movies of 2018 to watch. Some films are familiar to somebody, some are not. But they will not leave indifferent anyone because even cynics and realists willcry over them.

Let’s go!

List of best Sad movies 2018

  1. Fifty Shades Freed

It is the final part of the story of a successful and wealthy businessman Christiane and a modest girl Anastasia. This is one of the most romantic, sensual, emotional and true love stories that this world has ever seen. Millions of fans eagerly awaited the completion of the trilogy to find out what ended the relationship of the main characters. Anastasia, now Mrs. Grey, is getting used to her new role, and also to the wealth that fell completely unexpectedly on her. Newlyweds have a honeymoon, the sweetest time, along the way solving family issues, for example, whether or not to enter into a marriage contract. However, very soon it becomes obvious that no one will allow them to live happily and peacefully. The former boss of Anastasia, who in the past was plotting against Christian and sexually abuse the girl, decided to ruin the life of the newlyweds again. Will he succeed in destroying Christian and his business? Or will Mr. Grey solve all the problems? How will this situation affect their relationship with Anastasia? What awaits young people in marriage? Will they become a normal family, because they have a completely different relationship? Will Christian close his “Red Room” forever and say goodbye to his past habits?

  1. The Death and Life of John F. Donovan

The protagonist of the film – the famous American actor John Donovan, who gained his fame due to the roles of superheroes – responds to the letter of the 11-year-old boy who lives with his mother.

For some strange reason, the correspondence between the boy and the actor is getting more and more active. Learning about this, journalists make out of harmless correspondence of the actor and his fan in a real fat scandal, which leads to irreversible consequences in the later life of the actor and boy.

  1. Alpha

The story of an early man is in the TOP 10 best modern Sad films 2018.

Many millions of years ago on Earth there was a fierce struggle for existence. The leader of the tribe perishes because of predator attack. The burden of responsibility rests on the shoulders of his son. Now he must become the leader.

But during the hunt, the hero of the film gets into trouble. He breaks off the cliff. Hunters, who witnessed an accident, understand that it is impossible to survive when falling from such a cliff. They consider him dead. But contrary to logic, the teenager still survived. He woke up in a completely unfamiliar terrain. Surrounded by its hostile reality.

The world is full of danger and in order to survive at least one day, one must be alert and rebuff the beasts. On the same day, a wolf pack attacked him. The desperate struggle for life lasted a long time, but in the end, he chased the wolves out. One of the wolves was wounded. According to the laws of the tribe, he must finish off the enemy, but he could not strike a great blow. Taking pity on the animal, the guy takes it and puts in a cave.

Initially, the animal does not want to recognize a person and only fights and growls. But the boy does not lose heart. He periodically feeds the wounded predator and tries to heal the wound. The trust of a wild beast to a man is growing. A few months later, the young man and the wolf become true friends.

  1. Death Wish

The protagonist – civilian Paul Kersey, working as a surgeon, takes up arms after his wife and daughter are attacked by bandits. Paul manages not only to avenge his wife, “cleaning up” the streets of Chicago from the criminality but also to become famous for the whole city.

  1. Love, Simon

High school student Simon hides his homosexuality from friends, but his correspondence with an anonymous lover falls into the wrong hands. School “fool” Martin threatens to expose Simon if he does not help him to start an affair with a local beauty.

  1. Where’d You Go, Bernadette

Here is the middle of the TOP 10 best recent Sad movies.

In the center of the plot of the film is the 15-year-old girl who is doing everything possible to find her missing mother.

  1. Soldado

A new FBI employee wants to prove herself in operational work. Soon she is provided with such a chance. The fight against the Mexican drug lords does not stop for many years. The heroine decided to be drawn to one of the important operations in this direction. The girl does not hesitate to go to Texas, where she gets acquainted with Alejandro. The former lawyer changed his activities somewhat. He actively cooperates with the governing bodies of Colombia. Now the heroes will work in the same team. The main task for the newly formed tandem will be the search for a mysterious tunnel connecting the two countries. Through it, narcotic drugs are transported.


  1. Acrimony

Acrimony has become the habitual state of the soul and body of a beautiful and intelligent girl who gave the golden years to her lover, being true she has the right to expectthe reciprocity. But her husband cheated on her.

  1. Midnight Sun

American melodrama based on the Japanese film “The Midnight Sun” (2006). In the center of the picture, 17-year-old musician Cathy, suffering from a rare genetic disease, because of which even a small amount of sunlight is a deadly threat to her so that she never leaves her house in the afternoon. Once, thanks to an acquaintance with a charming and cheerful guy named Charlie, her life changes forever.

Patrick Schwarzenegger and Bella Thorne in Midnight Sun

  1. If Beale Street Could Talk

It is the first place of the TOP 10 best new Sad movies 2018.

It is the story of love and separation of a dark-skinned sculptor Fonny and his pregnant bride Tish, who were the victim of a racist policeman. According to his false accusation, Fonny is imprisoned for rape. Tish and her family embark on a hard fight for justice.

TOP comes to its conclusion.

We hope it gave an answer to the question – what is the best Sad movies in 2018?

Thanks for watching!

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