List of best Submarine movies to watch

Submarines are created for one purpose only – to search the waters for any possible targets and put down every single enemy warship on the horizon. The military folks call them the ultimate weapons of war, the harbingers of doomsday.

They are valued for mobility, the mighty arsenal and the ability to “swim” around without being noticed by even the most sophisticated radars on Earth. Today we’ll discuss the TOP 10 best Submarine movies for all time, the best releases that managed to deliver a breath-taking experience for us, the audience.


  1. The Hunt for Red October

This is, without a doubt, the most iconic movie about underwater battles. It’s 1984, and, even though the Cold War is not as hot as it used to be back in the 60s and 70s, there’s still a lot of heat between the two nations.

The best captain of a sub from the Soviet Union takes control of a brand-new vessel, a superior submarine, and sets sails towards America. Obviously, nobody gave him an order to push the US for retaliation, which makes him a rogue agent. But it’s still unclear whether this man is trying to start World War 3 or if he’s doing everything in his power to stop the war from happening.

  1. Crimson Tide

The Soviet Union has fallen, and the civil war in the newly-formed Russia is getting worse with each passing day. A group of armed rebels takes over a lethal nuclear weapons site and is getting ready to attack the United States. The information is not confirmed, but America can’t just stand still without securing its citizens.

The US Navy mobilizes and approaches the Russian border, hoping to stop the madmen without starting an international war. At the same time, they can’t control their own crew, and a fight between a sub’s high command almost results in a catastrophe. Of the TOP 10 best Submarine movies for families, this is the most gripping one.

  1. U-571

World War II has taken over the whole world, and the Allied forces are fighting the Nazis on the ground, in the air, and on the sea. The Germans have an advantage over the Americans, as they can’t find a way to hack their codes. But when an enemy U-boat sends out a signal for rescue, the US military realizes that this is the perfect opportunity to get their hands on the mysterious Enigma machine.

It doesn’t take much effort to get to that boat; yet, things go south when the enemy destroys the mothership and leaves the soldiers stranded. The English navy sacrificed a lot to take down that vessel, and there’s no way the Americans are going to lose it.

  1. The Abyss

The US command receives troubling news: a nuclear sub has crashed in the middle of the sea. The Generals are quick to blame the Russians for it and deploy an elite SEAL team that heads towards the site with a bunch of underwater oil rig workers.  As the men get closer, the civilians claim they see UFOs deep in the water.

The soldiers, once again, think that it’s the Russians snooping around. Pretty soon the rig workers realize that unless they stop the two nations from fighting each other, World War 3 will destroy planet Earth. Obviously, nobody could have ever guessed that they’re dealing with the Aliens…Put The Abyss on your list of best Submarine movies to watch if you love gripping thrillers.

  1. 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea

Yes, this is the first big-budget release by Disney, and some folks still consider it to be a classic. Kirk finds himself on a futuristic submarine ruled by a peculiar captain with strange habits. The two join forces to survive a series of challenges, including clashes with unbelievably huge monsters from the deep. To this day, this movie is a sight for sore eyes and you’ll like it even if you were born in the 21st century. Definitely an iconic movie and one of the finest films about subs.

  1. Below

During WW2, the Allied subs carried out numerous rescue missions, and this one was supposed to be just another routine operation. But as the sub gets deeper and deeper into the sea, the darkness and the tension take their toll on the fine crew, and they start to go crazy. The narrow corridors and tiny rooms make them see things that aren’t real. The confusion turns into frustration and the fellas will have to fight the inner demons and get themselves together; otherwise, the vessel willbe lost, along with the big crew. Of the TOP 10 best Submarine movies to watch, this is the biggest “nail-biter” of ’em all.

  1. The Enemy Below

This film came out in 1957, which makes it six decades old. Now, even though the effects and some of the dialogues are naive at best, the plot is still something to appreciate. It’s set during the greatest war humanity has ever seen – WW2 – and follows a deadly US destroyer that clashes with a mighty German U-boat.

Neither the first nor the second captain wants to back down and run away. They’re both elite military men and are ready to sacrifice their own lives along with the lives of the crew to be victorious in this duel. The American saw with his own eyes how the Nazis killed his wife; the German doesn’t share his country’s goals in this war. But a lethal combat is still imminent. Get ready for an engrossing and thought-provoking battle!

  1. K-19

The plot follows the Soviet flagship sub- K-19. Its captain, an unwavering Russian man, is proud to be serving his country and takes the vessel out for its first voyage. Unfortunately, pretty soon the nuclear reactor starts to leak, forcing the crew to work on double time trying to prevent a catastrophe of epic proportions.

The XO and the captain don’t always see eye to eye and are considered to be rivals. But during this time of crisis, the two join their forces towards a common goal – stopping the reactor from exploding. K-19 is, without a doubt, one of the TOP 10 best modern Submarine films. The plot, the cast, and the fast-paced narrative turn it into a great movie that’s still just as exciting today as 15 years ago when it first hit the theaters.

  1. Run Silent, Run Deep

The captain of an Allied sub defeated by a Japanese vessel had to spend years behind a boring desk taking care of papers. But now he finally has a chance to prove to the whole world and to himself that he’s got that it takes to hit back. They give him the opportunity of a lifetime – to spearhead a new submarine and take it to victory. However, the man is not thinking straight. The only thing on his mind is the enemy and his revenge. It affects his judgment and he puts his entire crew in danger trying to sink the lethal destroyer that took everything away from him.

  1. Battleship

An American ship setting sail into the open sea confronts an armada of alien origin. These invaders are the greatest threat to the survival of the human race, and it’s up to the submarines, the ships, and the destroyers to put the enemy down. If they fail at stopping this small bunch of extraterrestrial vessels, a full invasion will start, and they’ll wipe out mankind in no time. What do they want? Why did they come to planet Earth?  Are they planning on taking over our natural resources or do they need the humans for something?

The biggest question is – can the world leaders come together and defeat the oppressors? Only an international fleet of subs and ships will be able to prevail in this epic fight.

Alright, now you’ve got the answer to the question – what is the best Submarine movies? Make sure to check out all the aforementioned films and stay frosty!

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