List of Hollywood Knights movies 2018

Knights have always been the heroes in the eyes of other people, and rightly so. We got used to the films where Medieval knights save the world by destroying evil – witches, vampires and other creatures. The next list combines contemporary outlook on knights with good old heroes from Medieval times, therefore, we are lucky to represent TOP 10 latest Hollywood Knights movies 2018.

10. Arn – The Knight Templar

This well-known Swedish film is one of the most expensive productions in the history of contemporary Swedish cinematography. It follows the life of the son of dangerous and powerful dynasty back in the 12th century. It is believed he was touched by God, therefore, was raised in the local monastery – he became strong in archery and swordsmanship. Moreover, the grown-up man is noticed to be adapted to use both hands perfectly which he will use during the upcoming war.

The language of the movie is generally Swedish, but there are also lots of dialogues in English, French, and even Latin. To be able to insert the original quote from the Qur’an, the actors spoke Arabic.

9. Season of the Witch

Next film on TOP 10 new holly Knights movies was shot in such countries as Hungary, Austria, as well as Croatia. It follows the story of a knight returning to his land after the Black Death that was completely ruined. Meanwhile, the church says that a witch caused the Black Death in their land making her responsible for the deaths of their inhabitants. The church decides to transport the girl using the help of two knights to the monks’ monastery where her power will be destroyed.

8. Black Death

German-British movie following the adventures of Osmund – the monk that has to be separated from other inhabitants of the place he lives in, as well as the monastery due to showing several symptoms of having a terrifying disease known as the Black Death in medieval England – the plague. Afterward, he falls in love with a woman and says her about the plague reaching the monastery hence she has to leave that place but promises to meet her in the forest. The monk suddenly meets the knight begging him to become his guidance in order to complete the mission and prevents spreading the Black Death even further. Their task is to find out what the location of the necromancer is to stop the several human sacrifices in the village near the forest and monk seems to know the forest the best.

7. Knight Rider

Another new film on the list of Hollywood Knights movies 2018 is a reboot of well-known film series with the same name following the adventures of crime fighter killing criminals by using the artificially intelligent black car.

6. Last Knights

The story of the film is based on the legend of forty-seven ronin – the samurai without any leader. In this movie, Morgan Freeman portrays a nobleman being on the verge of dying due to the unknown disease and cannot be healed by the doctors. He leads his clan where live people of any age and religion. Moreover, the clan is protected by his close friend he sometimes calls a son. Bartok begs him to be his heir as the biggest evil is very close to destroy their nation.

5. Vow: White Knights

Another film on the TOP 10 best Hollywood Knights movies of 2018 to watch is the story about a husband of wealth wife who suddenly becomes the main suspect in her death. Starting the investigation, the detective finds out about the past of the husband of the dead woman that may be the reason for a mysterious figure being back for revenge.

Erick Szot, Richard Corey, Leila Grey, Salma El-Wardany, Chris Watson, and Rose Alhanti in Vow: White Knights

4. Shanghai Knights

Martial arts comedy being the sequel to the first film known as Shanghai Noon. After the events shown in the original installment, Jackie Chan’s character is still doing great working in the village as a local sheriff. One day he suddenly receives a mysterious parcel containing the box given him by his sister who has also written the letter saying their father is dead. To open the box the puzzle must be finished by Chan’s character is still unable to solve it. He also finds out that his sister tracked the location of their father’s murderer hence the sheriff decides to travel to London with his old friend portrayed by Owen Wilson.

To be able to find his old partner the sheriff travels to America – New York City in order to take the part of the gold both found in the previous film to buy the ticket to London.

3. King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

The third position on the TOP 10 latest released Hollywood Knights films 2018 belongs to fantasy movie following the classic legend about the King Arthur his sword. However, this one is a new epic interpretation of the story showing the story of Arthur from a different perspective. As a newborn boy, he was found by prostitutes in Londinium but was raised as a brave warrior and fighter with great and rare skills. One day he, as well as other boys of his age, is forced to pull out the sword having appeared near the castle recently. Arthur is the only one being able to remove it from the stone, therefore, he realizes there is something he should do for this world.

2. Witchville

The film is based on the witchcraft that existed in medieval period. After his father’s death, the Prince returns to the kingdom in order to ascend the throne, and rightly so. But when he finally arrives he realizes the whole place is under control of a coven of powerful witches and their leader, known as the Red Queen. Therefore, the task of the Prince is to free the citizens of his kingdom, destroy the coven and restore the place.

1. Robin Hood

The film number one on the list of best Hollywood Knights movies in 2018 belongs to the film about well-known hero living somewhere in the forest but commonly known as Robin Hood. This is the classic story of an old knight but definitely a contemporary interpretation of English folklore.

In 2018 version of the film, Welsh actor Taron Egerton is a new Robin Hood which will be highly compared with the one portrayed by Russel Crowe in 2010. The principal photography of the movie began at the end of February 2017 and took places in Dubrovnik, Budapest and in several spots across France.

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