List of Hollywood Scary movies 2018

For decades, scary movies have been regularly instilled the fear in impressionable cinephiles. We have collected TOP 10 best Hollywood Scary movies of 2018 to watch.

Scary movies originate in the first half of the last century and their first representatives were the screen versions of fantastic stories of the most famous vampire – Count Dracula, as well as the monster Frankenstein. Well, the fact that scary films are still coming out in large numbers means that the audience is still interested in stories about zombies, vampires, dead people and other evil forces, and this interest is growing every day.

We begin!

List of best Hollywood Scary movies in 2018

  1. An American Werewolf in London

For David and Jack, vacations in England take a rather unexpected and intimidating turn. On one of the farms far from the city, David becomes a victim of a mysterious werewolf whose bite changes the life of a young man. Strange incidents do not bypass Jack, whom unknown forces turn into a ghost. What will be next with these two guys?

  1. Insidious 4: The Last Key

Elise Rainier has the ability to come into contact with spirits, which she uses for the benefit of people who are in a difficult situation associated with otherworldly forces. She saved more than one life, but she could not even imagine that she would face her own fears one day. One day a young family turns to her who had just moved to a new house in a small town. They claim that very strange and eerie things happen in their house, which young people cannot explain. Elise goes to their aid but still does not know that she has to step on the threshold of the house that belonged to her family, where she first encountered ghosts…

  1. Winchester

Winchester’s House is in the TOP 10 latest released Hollywood Scary films 2018.

Winchester is a young heir to a huge fortune, a direct descendant of the creator of the world famous rifle and the only son of his own father. He met the beautiful girl, with whom he entered into relationships soon. After a while, he proposes to his girlfriend, and she, without hesitation, says “yes”. Sarah is incredibly happy that she married a beloved man. Happy newlyweds did not suspect that a successful marriage would soon turn into a complete madness, filled with nightmarish events. The prehistory of the subsequent tragedy began many years ago, but William and his small family will have to pay for the terrible sinful actions of his ancestors.

  1. The Nun

Romania, a remote area, a solitary nunnery. The life of the sisters in the monastery was quiet and peaceful. Nothing extraordinary was observed in the monastery for decades. The sisters strove to strictly follow Christian principles, live according to the Holy Scriptures and strictly follow all orders of the senior nun. After an unexpected suicide, which occurred under very strange circumstances, the incident had to be investigated by a Vatican representative. The monastery did not want the incident to become known outside the monastery, so the question had to be solved in the shortest possible time and without publicity.

  1. Meg

The movie centers on a man named Jonas Taylor who was an experienced captain in the past. For a long time, he ran a huge submarine, which explored the sea. At the moment he became a professor who studied paleontology. Almost all his life he gave to the study of the water depths, as well as the seabed survey, but at the moment the “thing” changed his life radically, he had only memories of the past. But not everything is so simple. It turns out that there is one mystery that settled in the soul of the protagonist many years ago. The thing is that during the last voyage, it was he who became the only witness to the movement on the sea of ​​a big monster.

  1. A Quiet Place

The fifth place of the TOP 10 latest Hollywood Scary movies 2018.

Spouses with two children live very secluded house, near the forest. They seem very strange and their house looks abandoned. There is no sound of childish laughter and shouting, conversations and disputes, but only silence. They are not deaf, but communicate only with the help of sign language, for fear of issuing at least a sound.

They move only barefoot, stepping into specially designated zones, so that nothing creaks, they play table games, throwing bones on the carpet. These measures are needed to survive. Someone dreadfully settled nearby and attacks, this creature does not make noise.

  1. Cadaver

This scary movie is for those who are most afraid of the afterlife theme. In the center of the mystical story is a policeman with the unfortunate fate – Megan Reed. Because of personal problems, she started using drugs but managed to get a grip. After the treatment for drug addiction, a police officer finds herself in the morgue (during the patrolling of the city hospital cemetery).

  1. The Predator

The Predator is in the TOP 10 new holly Scary movies.

In the center of events is a former Marine. Currently, he lives the most ordinary life and cares about his son, who is an autistic and who is offended by classmates at school. In spite of this serious illness, inherited by his child, the man believes that his son is special. Once the protagonist of the movie encounters the strange alien creature, which is ready to kill everyone on its path.

  1. The Wolf Man

In 1891, Lawrence Talbot, who had not visited his family for a long time, returned to his father’s house after the death of his brother. Once Lawrence, bearing on feelings toward his brother’s bride, left his home, but now the duty obliges him to find the killer of a brother. Having tracked the criminal, Lawrence learns that the brother fell into a fight with a werewolf and after a collision with a monster, he himself falls under the action of a curse.

The Wolf Man reboot

  1. The Invisible Man

Ambitious scientist Jack Griffin becomes the possessor of a substance that makes matter invisible. The substance has a strong side effect: using this drug a person goes mad. Becoming invisible, the scientist feels all-powerful and thinks about world domination. Starting with petty crime, he commits a series of murders and arranges a major catastrophe on the railway. The police and former colleagues of the madman seem powerless before his cruel antics. Will the detectives succeed in catching dangerous experimenter?

A list of Hollywood Scary movies 2018 ends now.

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