List of Hollywood Sci-Fi movies 2017

A few years ago the world had the opportunity to see the excellent sci-fi movies that, in 2017, seem to finally get their sequels. Ridley Scott and other well-known Hollywood directors have created absolutely new projects with famous actors – they continued the old stories that were so loved by sci-fi movie fans that also noticed that their favorite movie makers seem to use latest cinematography technologies which only increased the quality of franchises. So, what are our TOP 10 latest Hollywood Sci-Fi movies 2017 today? Let’s start with a few sequels.

Alien: Covenant

Ridley Scott’s franchise about aliens is finally back after the brilliant release of Prometheus in 2012 and is a sequel to the previously mentioned film. It is the second part of prequel series Alien and sixth part of Alien series of movies. The plot describes the main events after dangerous Prometheus expedition. The main character – Walter – finds out he looks alike with a previously created android named David and the whole dark world seems to be inhabited by these original creatures. Other dangerous creatures start their hunting the whole crew of Covenant.

Transformers: The Last Knight

Upcoming American movie that includes participation such actors as Mark Wahlberg and Anthony Hopkins. Michael Bay – the director of the franchise – says it will be the last story about Optimus Prime and final picture in the whole movie series. The very last part of the film series, that was included to TOP 10 new holly Science Fiction movies, represents the story about the war between humans and the Transformers while Optimus Prime is absent. In order to save the world, Cade makes a decision to create an alliance with an English lord. He also asks for the help of a professor of Oxford to widen the knowledge of the Transformers and the reason why they are returning to Earth.


American horror film that includes such famous Hollywood actors as Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds. The story follows a crew of six members that cooperate together at ISS, aka International Space Station. While returning from Mars some of the members take a probe that contains soil which, as they think, must be a firm evidence that there is a life on Mars. On their flight back, Hugh discovers a cell and revives it so that it later turns out into a live organism with a lot of cells. However, later on, the whole crew will regret that they started this mission.

World War Z 2. The second part of famous science fiction movies with Brad Pitt about the bad times on the whole Earth and people trying to survive them. Even if the film is on the list of Hollywood Sci-Fi movies 2017 we are still not aware of the synopsis. The only information we got from Paramount is that the film was going to be released in June 2017 but it was canceled. The project seems to be delayed but it will be definitely come out in 2017.

Blade Runner 2049

A new project can show off with an incredible team of actors – Ryan Gosling, Harrison Ford and Jared Leto. The movie is scheduled to come out at the beginning of October in 2017. The synopsis tells the story about new blade runner working at the police station. Afterward, he discovers a dangerous secret that seems can create a big problem for the humans. Such situation makes him come up with the idea to find former blade runner that suddenly disappeared many years ago.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Our TOP 10 best Hollywood Science Fiction movies of 2017 to watch couldn’t forget about Star Wars franchise. This film is also known as Star Wars Episode Eight. According to Fisher death in December 2016 this appears to be her last film role. She had completed the work on the project before she died. The information about the plot is still unknown. However, the producers are already talking about Episode IX that ought to be released in May 2019.

Ghost in the Shell

Science fiction movie with Scarlett Johansson that is actually based on the famous Japanese comics of the same title. This is the story about a future world with machines and robots so that humans are now more in contact with them blurring the difference between human race and artificial intelligence. The film follows the story and adventures of cyborg Mira Killian that was made for protection, killing and fighting becoming one of the most powerful soldiers of the future world. Her parents were killed but she managed to survive and became an object of science testing as her body appeared to be damaged.

The Dark Tower

One of the most expected movies on TOP 10 latest released Hollywood Action Sci-Fi films 2017 and is about a young kid who discovers absolutely new dimension and gives it a name Mid-World. Fantasy horror film is also based on the whole series of interesting novels with the same title that was written by Stephen King. Some critics say that this project is not a typical adaptation of the books but it incredibly describes the adventures of humans and the creatures from undiscovered before the world.

Thor: Ragnarok

Upcoming movie based on famous Marvel Comics follows the adventures of Thor after the events that the viewers can see in the film Avengers: Age of Ultron. The main character has been caught and kept in the Sakaar – the planet where he doesn’t have his hammer. His mission is to win a gladiatorial duel where he accidently finds about he must beat his old friend Hulk in order to return to Asgard as quickly as possible. Thor has to stop his old and new enemies to save the civilization of his planet.

Thor: Ragnarok

The Discovery

And the last upcoming project on the list of best Hollywood Sci-Fi movies in 2017 is about a scientist that managed to discover the afterlife, tried to proof the existence of the life after death and actually succeeded. He gives an interview and, afterward, people notice that suicide rate has extremely risen. The man who takes the interview asks the scientist the question about him feeling some sort of responsibility for people’s deaths and gets a negative Everything changes when the son of scientist finds a girl named Isla.

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