List of TOP 10 good Adventure movies 2017

Adventure – what can be even more interesting and exciting? The adventure genre of films is very informative and demanded, it allows you to escape from everyday worries and plunge into the world full of noble and courageous characters. The best adventures can be enjoyed by the whole family, which increases their popularity.

Films of this genre are often based on historical events, which reinforce and hold an interest in them. In addition to the fascinating pastime, the film will allow you to remind interesting moments of history. TOP 10 best Adventure movies of 2017 to watch has collected the most films about the incredible adventures created in 2017 which sooner will receive worldwide love and recognition. The compilation is a find for those who like to plunge into the world of heroes and villains.

List of best Adventure movies 2017

  1. xXx: Return of Xander Cage

The National Security Agency is an agency that, in theory, should ensure peace and prosperity. There once worked Xander Cage. However, eight years ago he died on Bora Bora, for eight long years he was, so to speak, free. But now – he comes back.

  1. Kingsman 2

A five-year-old boy named Gary Unwin received an odd medal from his father, who in his entire life tried all his best to become a secret agent of Kingsman, but he did not succeed. But in one of the missions, it was the father of the hero who saved his teacher from death, for which teacher decided to take care of Gary, who is now growing up without a dad.

When the mysterious teacher of the father of the hero gave him a medal and a phone number, he warned that he can always dial him in an acute life situation. Seventeen years later, Gary not only called the number but also became a new agent of Kingsman, while defeating the treacherous businessman Valentine.

But in the near future, the hero and the entire espionage organization will have a new enemy who will easily attack the headquarters of the secret organization and take it under its own control. Now Gary, along with Merlin’s assistant, needs to catch the villain.

Kingsman 2

  1. Logan

In the laboratory belonging to Stryker arranged a doctor named Nathaniel Essex, he decides to conduct experiments with the mutant genes because he wants to cross it. He is convinced that if he manages to cross the genes of two heroes with supernatural powers, then it will be possible to invent the incredible and unique weapon of X. This is how a new and incredibly powerful villain gets a nickname such as Mister Sinister.

A new film will present us a little girl named Laura. She has the same abilities as Logan. Together they have to withstand the cruel Essex Company.

  1. The beauty and the Beast

An angry Sorceress turned Prince Adam into a disgusting monster for being rude. To remove the spell, he needs to learn to be kind, to love and be loved.

In a remote village, there lives a beautiful girl named Belle. Once her father Maurice goes to the fair, but on the way gets out of the way. Once in an enchanted castle, he becomes a prisoner of the Beast. Belle hurries to his father to help. The movie also includes in the TOP 10 best recent Adventure movies because it was released in March.

  1. War for the Planet of the Apes

People and monkeys on Earth are not going to give up. Two species are ready to fight for a place on Earth. Someone is obliged to become the leader in the world, but in this case, nobody really wants a direct armed conflict. There is no sign of stability in a shaky truce.

At any time unfavorable circumstances can cause a deadly war. The mental and technical arsenal of primates is much higher, but people are not ready to forget their former role in the history of the planet. Unlike monkeys, fear of slavery in mankind is clearly pronounced.

For freedom, people will fight under any circumstances. Caesar does not hide his peace-loving position. The leader differs from his relatives in weighted decisions, which they do not always want to accept. A certain aggressive group of monkeys can immediately get involved in a terrible war because they believe that peaceful coexistence on this planet is not possible.

War for the Planet of the Apes

  1. The LEGO Batman Movie

The world of LEGO enjoyed a peaceful life as long as the unique heroes belonging to the camps of the world of blocks and cubes did not start a confrontation with each other. In the world of LEGO, there is its brave Batman, who began to save the common inhabitants of the world from military battles between the two camps of opponents.

To defeat opponents, Batman will not only have to rely on his strength and power but also enlist the support of other superheroes. The war is just beginning, and Batman is perfectly aware that if nothing is done now, then the LEGO world may come to a real end, so Batman will try his best.

  1. Assassin’s Creed

Spanish Inquisition is in our TOP 10 best new Adventure movies 2017.

The movie is an incredible film which is based on a real, incredibly popular computer game. At the first rumors about the release of this film on the screen, all gaming communities were “blown up” by a huge number of messages. Of course, now, both gamers and people not related to the game want to see this masterpiece of the world of fantasy and an exciting historical journey.

The film is filled with only the best moments from the plot of the game, which makes the story even more colorful and dynamic. Will the main character correct all the mistakes of his relatives? Will he manage to make a successful journey into the past? The picture is for the whole family, which will not leave a single spectator in a bad mood.

  1. Guardians of the Galaxy 2

Peter Quill is the Star Lord of the fantastic world. The fate of the hero had a lot of trials. Trying to solve the mystery of a powerful artifact, he met with incredible characters. Each of them is unique. Fighting together they became true friends and to some extent even family.

In a new chapter, the team will have to find out the true origin of Peter.

  1. Pirates of the Caribbean 5

We all know very well, and most importantly, we love such an amazing talented Hollywood actor as Johnny Depp. And the special popularity of this guy began to acquire just after the release of the first part of the picture, called “Pirates of the Caribbean”.

Well, there is nothing surprising, because the storyline is so diverse and original that there probably is not a single person who would not have been attracted by the tape. Whatever it was, but we have already had time to contemplate the whole four parts of this picture. Now, we are waiting for another.

  1. King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

Young Arthur was never interested in his own origins because he liked to commit crimes with colleagues in London’s suburbs. But when Arthur by the will of fate found the magic sword Excalibur, he realized that fate destined him to return to the throne.

Now Arthur found his love, and then gathered a professional army, with which a descendant of kings is ready to fight with the cruel ruler Vortigern, who once killed Arthur’s parents and deprived him of the throne. Arthur will go to the end, and the tyrant should beware of his own life.

We hope that our TOP gave you answer to question – What is the best Adventure movies in 2017?

Our TOP 10 best modern Adventure films 2017 is coming to an end.

Thank you for watching!

List of best Adventure movies 2017
List of TOP 10 good Action movies 2017

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