List of TOP 10 good Romantic movies 2017

Romantic films will be always popular. Every girl loves to watch a beautiful and passionate love story, and there is nothing better than to share this pleasure with her soul mate. In our TOP ten good Romantic movies 2017 in theaters, you will find an extensive list of films of completely different genres, united by one – the main storyline of them is love.

Romantic movies so beloved by the female audience – these are, of course, films about love, about the relationship of a man and a woman, about sometimes such a difficult path to a single happiness. However, not only women but also men are looking with good, talentedly filmed romantic movies, so we tried to present a worthy list of films that would satisfy the most demanding tastes.

Let’s watch TOP 10 good Romantic films 2017.

The Space Between Us

  1. Beauty and the Beast

Adam was a very handsome prince but this beauty ruined him. The guy became too arrogant and narcissistic. He could easily rude to anyone since he did not consider ordinary people to be like himself. His love did not belong to others, he praised only himself, for which he once paid. The sorceress, angry with his rudeness, turned the prince into a terrible monster. Adam could take off his charm, but for this, he needed the most important thing – the mutual love. Before the last petal falls from the rose, there is very little time left. Who knows, maybe an ordinary country girl named Belle will be able to remove the spell? Her father, Maurice, who had lost his way in the forest, became a prisoner of a terrible monster, and now Belle has a chance to save her native man – to take his place.

  1. La La Land

A young couple, consisting of two creative personalities, is trying all the best to achieve success in their own kind of creative craft. She is a beginning film actress, he is a jazz performer. Each of them has its own way to success and they both stay only at the beginning of their journey. So far, they cannot boast of any success in their endeavors, because, as was already mentioned earlier, they are at the beginning of their creative path. They have a great desire to achieve success, but at this stage, they are not yet able to pronounce themselves.

She always dreamed of becoming an actress and did not imagine herself anywhere else except in a movie, but for the time being she had to be satisfied with the work of the waitress in one famous Hollywood cafe. She serves the stars of world cinema and dreams that one day she will be able to be in their place. He is a very talented musician, but in order to be on top, he needs to start from the very bottom and win the hearts of his future fans. The guy already has his grateful listeners but in the cafe. As lovers are becoming more popular, their relationship begins to experience serious difficulties.

  1. Fifty Shades Darker

Anastasia and Christian are on our list of TOP 10 good Romantic movies 2017.

The main character of the film – Anastasia Steele – before graduating from college in Seattle, substituting her friend at work, met a young and attractive billionaire Christian Grey.

Somehow naive Anastasia managed to draw Grey’s attention, who soon suggested that she sign a contract on the non-disclosure of their relationship. Intrigued Anastasia agreed but soon learned that he had not quite ordinary sexual attachments. Having succumbed to the persuasion of Christian and his temptations, Anastasia decides to check how far he can go.

Realizing that Christian’s proposed format does not suit her, Anastasia breaks all ties with him, finds work in the publishing house and tries to forget Christian. However, this is not so simple, therefore, when he again shows up and offers to meet, Anastasia cannot resist the temptation.

Having reunited with Christian, Anastasia tries to understand the inner demons of her lover. She gets even more confused when she meets Christian’s former mistress, who is trying to influence Anastasia’s decision.

  1. Tulip Fever

The film takes place in the Netherlands in the 17th century. The main character of the film – young artist Jan – comes to the house of the rich citizen Cornelius to paint a portrait of his young wife Sophia. During the work, Jan and Sofia fall in love with each other and try to hide it from everyone.

At this time, a real drama unfolds in the house: one of the maidservants named Maria remains alone without a husband with a small child. Cornelius, who always dreamed of an heir, is trying to help the girl.

Embracing the whole country tulip fever pushes Sofia and Yan to cultivate and sell tulips. But for this, she needs to get away from her husband and get his money.

  1. Tramps

The incredible love of Ell and Danny is in TOP 10 really good Romantic movies.

The main character of the film is called Danny. The guy is young and very talented, he is a great chef. In life, he cannot boast of anything good. After all, in his pocket is almost empty, but he still does not lose hope that everything will change for the better. The hero lives with his mother and brother. The town in which he lives is called Queens. He devoted almost all of his time to his family. The young girl Ell has to return to New York, she is attractive and completely opposite to Danny. The couple could never meet. But fate decides to involve them in a serious life test. In the future, the guys will face a danger and a string of unforeseen events.

  1. Their Finest

It is the golden mean of the TOP 10 good english Romantic movies 2017.

The action takes place in London, 1940 when the city was bombarded by German troops. The audience is promised to show the “eccentric battle of the sexes”, and “witty, soulful and touching story, which will tell about a young woman writer who is looking for her way in matters of life, death, and love”.

  1. The Bad Batch

The place of action of the post-apocalyptic picture will be the Texas wasteland, where the community of cannibals settled. One of them, known under the nickname Man from Miami, falls in love with his potential food.

  1. The Discovery

The scientist Thomas made a discovery – he scientifically proved that life does not end with death, after death there is something else. Millions of people on the Earth began to commit suicide, believing that in this way they could get into the best place.

  1. Everything, Everything

It is the incredible love story of Maddy – an intelligent girl with an imaginative mind who cannot go beyond hermetically sealed rooms in her house, and Olly, her neighbor. Maddy desperately wants to feel all the delights of the outside world and the charm of the first love. Always separated by window panes, bound only by correspondence, she and Olly still come together and are willing to risk everything to be together … even if it means losing everything.

  1. The Space Between Us

It is the interplanetary love story of an earth girl and Gardner Elliot, who grew up in an experimental colony on Mars. Their romance began on the Internet, and now Elliot flies to Earth to meet his beloved.

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List of TOP 10 english Romantic movies 2017
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