What is the best Foreign movies in 2017?

What is the best Foreign movies in 2017?

Technologies, including in the cinema, is developing at a rapid pace. And every New Year brings revolutionary achievements to the cinema. We sincerely believe that the films of 2017 will not be an exception and will give the most positive emotions to the fans.

Every year hundreds of thousands of different pictures are shot in different countries of the world, and it is very, very difficult to choose from them worthy one. Undoubtedly, every picture will find its viewer, but for this, it is necessary to try hard to find your movie.

In the topic below we are going to observe the TOP 15 best new Foreign movies 2017. Enjoy it!

List of best Foreign movies 2017

  1. On Chesil Beach

It is the screen version of Ian McEwan’s novel about the inexperienced newlyweds Edward and Florence, constrained by their shyness, puritanical upbringing and mutual non-agreement. Their first wedding night – the time of fear, disgust and spiritual devastation becomes the last and bitter page of the barely begun love story.

On Chesil Beach

  1. Goon: Last of the Enforcers

The main character of the sports comedy continues to build his career in professional hockey, but how he does it is another conversation. After once the event brought the guy into the sport, there were dramatic changes in his professional and personal life. Now he became one of the team members, but as it turned out not so simple, there are also behind-the-scenes intrigues. After last season he was able to prove to everyone that he is the best bouncer on the ice, he was not only respected by colleagues, but he was able to win the heart of one inaccessible beauty. Now he is waiting for new victories, but it is not everything so simple, perhaps, an unpleasant surprise was prepared for him by another team, because a guy should have a decent opponent on the ice.

  1. The Invisible Guardian

It is an intriguing thriller about the murders of adolescent girls, after which the footprints of the mythological creature were found on the crime scene. Detective Amaya returns to investigate the homeland, whose official affairs very soon weave with personal secrets relating to her family and sad past.

  1. Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

The comic book universe of Valerian’s agent answers all the canons of the 21st-century anti-utopia: people have long lost touch with the real world and now live in a completely different, virtual reality. Their minds are completely subordinated to the new world government of the Technocrats of the First Circle. The earth has changed beyond recognition, but something has remained the same. Of course, these are people.

The 2700 year. Valerian and Laureline are cosmic special agents who, in the course of their service, became entangled in a suspicious matter and became involuntary participants of either an intergalactic conspiracy or a scam of the most bizarre inhabitants of the Alpha planet, where thousands of inhabitants of different worlds live from all corners The galaxy.

  1. Braven

The action thriller is about a simple feller who lives with his family in a secluded border house. The idealistic peace of the hero is violated by a gang of fugitive drug dealers who, threatening his relatives, make him a dangerous and desperate enemy.


  1. Euphoria

A psychological drama of the TOP 15 best Foreign movies of 2017 to watch is about the joint journey of two sisters. They are in conflict with each other. While one of them was engaged in own life, the second is until the end courted the elderly mother. Different heroines are reunited for a busy trip across Europe – right up to the mysterious destination.


  1. The Snowman

Harry Hall is detective who investigates mysterious murders that happened in Oslo.

The Snowman

  1. Goodbye Christopher Robin

The picture will tell about the relationship between A. A. Milne and his son Christopher Robin, whose toys inspired the writer to create a magical world of tales of Winnie the Pooh.

Goodbye Christopher Robin

  1. Mary Magdalene

The film is about one of the main female images of the Bible – St. Mary Magdalene. Saved by Christ, she becomes His faithful, but a mysterious and contradictory follower, before and after the Crucifixion.

Mary Magdalene

  1. T2 Trainspotting

Twenty years ago Mark Renton, having taken his money, betrayed his friends, with whom he had gone through a great deal, and left his native Edinburgh. Now he returns to the city in the hope of fixing everything. All these years he missed the time that he spent with his three old friends, and now, finally, he has the opportunity to see them again and explain his action. It also included the TOP 15 best recent Foreign movies because it was released in March.

  1. The Death of Stalin

The film unfolds in 1953, a few days after the death of Joseph Stalin, when the real political war for power begins.

The Death of Stalin

  1. The Third Wave

For six years, Europe was attacked by a devastating virus that turned people into zombie-like monsters. When humanity was already desperate to find a way to control the epidemic, a medicine was found. However, cured people cannot get rid of their ‘infected” past.

  1. Void

During standard patrolling that did not foretell any pandemonium, Officer Daniel Carter sees a bloody figure hobbling along the deserted road. Following the debt, Carter delivers the poor fellow to the nearest hospital… where he discovers that almost all the patients and all the staff have harmoniously transformed into something “inhuman”. Then officer and a small group of survivors begin a monstrous trip over the infernal depths of the hospital – in a desperate attempt to end the nightmare before it’s too late.

  1. Redoubtable

It is a true love story between the legendary French director Jean-Luc Godard and the beginning 17-year-old actress Anna Viazemsky. A beautiful novel, joint work and ten years of marriage will not suppress the revolutionary spirit of Godard, who is incapable of harmony with the outside world.


  1. Darkest Hour

The film is about the actions of the Winston Churchill in the beginning of the World War II.

Darkest Hour

TOP 15 best modern Foreign films 2017 is coming to an end.

Thank you for listening.

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