Arctic Justice official release date

A new animated movie that we are going to discuss is called “Arctic Justice: Thunder squad.” If you want to know, when is Arctic Justice movie release date 2018? Then look through the topic below.


Aaron Woodley is in the director’s chair of the project.

Lesley Mackay Hunter is a film editor.

Branislav Perkovic is an art director.

Global warming

The problem of global warming, tormenting the minds of scientists and politicians in recent years, has become almost the most popular among environmental problems. Terrible predictions about the irreversibility of the climate change process and its terrible consequences compel the entire world community not only to discuss this topic but also to involve huge amounts of funding to fight the number one enemy of mankind.

Some scientists understand this term as an increase in the average temperature of the climate of our planet, allegedly caused by the consequences of human activity through increasing the concentration of greenhouse gases in the Earth’s atmosphere.

Polar Bear in Arctic Justice

An indicative fact of global warming can be considered the discovery by researcher Dennis Schmitt in 2005 that the peninsula in Greenland, which in 2002 was connected to the Land of Liverpool by ice, became an island. That is, for many years a thick layer of ice did not allow the researchers to find out that there is no land under it, and to understand that the island is surrounded by water, rather than a peninsula. As a result, it was literally called “The Warming Island.”


It is a cartoon movie about the animals inhabiting the North Pole. Evil and mad scientist Walrus conceives to ruin the Arctic by arranging global warming, which is accidentally discovered by the Arctic fox-postman. An inexperienced, but purposeful Swifty intends to interfere with a Walrus’s plans with the help of his best friends. Will he be able to sop the evil scientist?

In the USA, Arctic Justice official release date in 2018 is expected for January 26.


  • James Franco as a voice of Lemmy
  • Jeremy Renner as a voice of Swifty
  • Alec Baldwin as a voice of PB

DVD release date

Arctic Justice DVD release date is planned for March 26, 2018, in the United States.

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