Downsizing official release date

“Downsizing” is interesting comedy film by A. Payne about an American man who decided to pass procedure of reducing the body. If you want to know all necessary information about the movie and also when is Downsizing movie release date 2017, then look through the article below. Here you wil find everything you need!


In the near future, one organization offers people an unusual service: the procedure of reducing people in size. At first glance, it seems that this is a completely unnecessary service: what sensible man will come there to become shorter? However, in the future, in the world starts an economic crisis, and many Americans are barely making ends meet. It is such a bleak and penniless life that makes one ordinary American man suffer. Having learned about this organization, he decides that being reduced in size is not so bad: by becoming smaller, he will eat less, spend less money on caring for himself, and even small clothes cost much less.

Downsizing movie

Therefore, he, like hundreds of other people, lining up for a reduction procedure. He still has time to think things over, because this procedure is irreversible: having decreased in size, he will never regain his previous growth. But the constant lack of money and difficult life situations that haunt him almost every day force him to give the last savings to this organization.

In the United States, Downsizing official release date in 2017 is planned for December 22.

Interesting Facts

  1. The project is the 5th collaborative work of A. Payne and J. Taylor after the movie “About Schmidt.”
  2. Giamatti and R. Witherspoon could participate in the film but that did not happen.
  3. Actors Sudeikis and Damon already worked together in the “Studio 30.”
  4. Damon and Wiig starred in “The Martian.” The picture was successful.
  5. Filming was held in Toronto, Omaha.
  6. The filming of the picture was held at the school where the director studied.
  7. The pre-production of the movie began in 2009, but the shooting was not continued due to the director’s decision to film another movie called “Descendants.”

Release date

Downsizing DVD release date is not announced. The estimated date for release is March 2018.

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