Duck Duck Goose official release date


Animated movies are a regular thing these days, and that is why the production companies are trying to bring more exciting, entertaining and fun tales to the big screen – to make the audience pick their films over the other ones. That’s great news for the viewers, as we’re getting tons of awesome tales in the genre. Alright, let’s see when is Duck Duck Goose movie release date 2018.

It’s coming to the United States on April 20, 2018. Same goes for the whole American continent and the majority of the third-world countries. The rest of the world will get it a couple of weeks later. The cast includes fine actors like Gaffigan, Reiner, and Fry, along with the gorgeous Zendaya who gave their voices to the main characters of this hilarious movie.

A Blockhead Turned Hero

The story follows the turbulent life of Peng, a messed up scoundrel, a goose without a single care and no responsibilities at all. He’s only concerned with himself and is ready to do the craziest things just to show he’s the greatest fella out there. A grandiose migration is upon the flock, but he’s spending his days and nights acting a fool instead of getting himself ready. Insane stunts at record speeds are his passion, and he’s getting really good at them.

Goose and Chicken

However, during his greatest stunt ever, he gets too low and accidentally hits two ducklings. They turn out to be siblings, a brother, and a sister; Peng separates them from the flock, forcing the kiddos to stay behind. If you want to watch the movie at home with a nice cup of tea in your hands, keep in mind that the Duck Duck Goose DVD release date will be early autumn 2018.

A Story Worth Checking Out

So, what happens next? Do the ducklings survive? Without a grown-up to take care of them, they’re destined to die. Surprisingly enough, Peng rises up to the occasion and turns into the man he knew he could always be. On his journey towards saving the little babies, he breaks his wing, survives the cold and escapes death more than a few times. While fighting the circumstances, he learns what true love means and finds a new family in the face of Chao and Chi.

The children, in turn, grow up into strong, capable fighters and consider him to be the best father figure they could ever dream of. Yes, this is quite a heart-warming and moving film and will have the ladies crying at the premiere. If you also appreciate touching stories that teach us about the importance of taking care of others and sacrificing ourselves for the greater good, make sure not to miss the Duck Duck Goose official release date in 2018. We promise the movie will be worth your while!

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