Star Wars 9 official release date

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Star Wars: Episode 9 is an epic, fantastically adventurous thriller. It is the last of the saga’s trilogy, which includes Star Wars 7 and Star Wars 8. Colin Trevorrow and Ryan Johnson will be the director and screenwriter of the popular film. Also, Lawrence Kasdan will take part in the creation of the film, the scriptwriter of two original series – Star Wars 5 and Star Wars 7.

The producer of the film will be the producer of the first part of the trilogy, a true master of the reincarnation of all favorite stories JJ Abrams, famous for such films as Star Trek, Star Trek II: Retribution, and others.

The location of thefilming of some scenes of the ninth part of the franchise will be transferred to open space. To do this, Colin Trevorrow – the director of the picture – has already sent a request for the possible use of IMAX cameras.Trevorrow himself told reporters about this at the annual Sundance Film Festival, which takes place in the Utah.

In the US, Star Wars 9 official release date in 2019 is planned for May 24.

Star Wars 9 poster

Carrie Fisher will play a key role in “Star Wars 9”

The ninth episode of “Star Wars” will be dedicated to Carrie Fisher. According to The Wrap, such an unexpected statement made the head of the studio Lucasfilm Kathleen Kennedy. “A minute after we shot the last scene of the seventh episode, she hugged me and saidthat she would like to come to the fore in the ninth.” Harrison was the key character in the seventh series, Mark would be in the eighth, and she thought the ninth episode is her film, and it will beso” – she said, without specifying what exactly she meant.

Note that earlier about the possible appearance of Princess Leia in Star Wars 9 there was a lot of conflicting information. Relatives of the deceased actress claimed that they gave permission to use her image, including with the help of computer graphics. In turn, Kathleen Kennedy herself stated that Leia would not appear in the ninth episode.

Recall that Fisher died in late 2016 from the consequences of a heart attack that happened on the plane.

DVD release date

Star Wars Episode 9 DVD release date is expected for July 24, 2019, in the United States.

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