The Blair Witch Project 3 official release date


This is the third installment in the horrifying Blair Witch franchise. It’s the direct follow-up to the 1999 movie – the original – and ignores the 2000 release. The story is focused around a bunch of kids, students, who decide to go into one of the scariest places on planet Earth – the local forest – to find out what really happened to Heather all those years ago. Ok, when is The Blair Witch Project 3 movie release date 2016?

It’s already available worldwide, dear readers, so, go and check it out right now! The critics had mostly positive things to say about it, even though some of them slammed it. The fans, in turn, wrote rave reviews, praising the now-classic found footage technique, the gripping plot and the nail-biting narrative. They also loved the actors/actresses.

Not Quite As Popular As Two Decades Ago

Yes, the third chapter turned out to be a pretty great film and a commercial success. It grossed 45 mil. with a tiny budget of 5 mil. However, given the fact that the 1999 movie made 250 million US dollars, the producers were kind of disappointed with its performance.

The Blair Witch Project 3 poster

Still, a new addition to the franchise is already in the works, and the official announcement is right around the corner. Alright, and what about The Blair Witch Project 3 DVD release date? It came out early 2017, which means you can purchase your physical copy any time you please. Or, better yet, buy a digital copy and enjoy without even leaving your seat. So, what is the movie all about?

Facing The Witch In The Forest

James, a gifted young man, comes across a video on the Internet with a girl that looks exactly like his sister who disappeared into thin air 20 years ago. She was trying to uncover the truth about the notorious Blair Witch but never made it back home. Startled by the fact that she might still be alive, James gets a bunch of his most trusted friends together and embarks on a dangerous journey into the heart of the terrifying forest. What will he find there? Broken promises and disappointment?

Or maybe there is something supernatural going on and he’s got a chance to see Heather again? One thing is certain: he’s not going to back down and will keep on going even if the witch is real. If you love breathtaking horrors that make you feel like you’re a part of the story, make sure to check this one out. The Blair Witch Project 3 official release date in 2016 was pretty huge, which means you’ve probably already seen it. If not, well, now is your best chance to do that!

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