The Mountain Between Us official release date

This is an epic romantic movie slash disaster film that’s based on the highly successful novel of the same name that came out in 2011. The marvelous Kate Winslet and the masculine Idris Elba are playing the main characters, a journalist and a doctor (a surgeon), two lucky survivors of a nasty plane crash. Got you hyped up already? Well then, let’s check when is The Mountain Between Us movie release date 2017, huh? It’s coming to the USA, the UK, and Turkey on October 6th, while the rest of the world will have to wait for a couple of weeks to get it. Lucky Americans And Brits, right?

Two Strangers Turned Survivors

It goes without saying that if you love disaster movies, strong, gripping plots, and a wonderful cast, then you’ll fall in love with this one. The great thing about the story is that the two survivors are complete strangers, but they’ll have to learn to work together and trust each other after they realize that help is not really coming. Stuck in the wilderness with a harsh weather, these two inexperienced daredevils have no other choice but to grapple with the circumstances and do their best to stay alive long enough to come up with a working plan. But what can two city folks do when they are forced to face the brutality of nature?

The Mountain Between Us movie

Together Against The Wilderness

The irony of it is that after their initial flight got canceled by the air company because of the perilous weather, Ben, the doc, and Alex, the journalist, decided to risk their lives and board a charter plane. Surviving the crash was one thing, but how on Earth are they going to find their way back home? There’s no official information about The Mountain Between Us DVD release date, but it’s safe to say that folks will want to watch it at home after the theatrical premiere while cozied up in their couches and with a cup of hot coffee/tea in their hands.

Between these strangers and salvation lie hundreds of miles, and only by pushing each other and putting themselves through countless tests will Alex and Ben manage to beat the dire circumstances. He wanted to get to a medical conference – one way or the other – while she was going to marry the man she loved tomorrow. They didn’t even know each other, but they’ll have to go through the toughest journey together if they want to survive. With The Mountain Between Us official release date in 2017 right around the corner, we suggest you grab a copy of the book and get your read on!

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